Monday, May 27, 2013


I'm kind of a busy body.  If the whole family is together and we have more than an hour of two of down time I want to do SOMETHING!!  something fun/exciting/new- whatever!!  anything.

last week before a night soccer game- we went out to young's dairy to mini golf.  Our kids LOVE to mini golf.  and we all love young's dairy.

Metta ran around the golf course like a crazy person. she tried to jump into every water hazard. 
 we usually just get balls and clubs for the boys and we follow them around.  Metta may need her own equipment next time.  Zeb and Ike were hoping she'd fall into the water just so she'd quit stealing their balls and getting in the way.

 After golfing we went and ate ice cream.  Young's has some of the world's best ice cream. So many flavors. so delicious and so fresh.  And this time zeb and kent begged for fried cheese curds. yuck.  Zeb LOVED them.  Metta loves everything still.
I love this picture of metta. it captures her happy disposition perfectly.
 zeb got a brain freeze and was NOT happy.
even with all of his ice chomping- somehow ike lucked out with no brain freezes.
I love these pictures of me with my zebby.   Metta won't sit still for kisses and Ike is adamant about his disdain for them.  He'll shriek if I even try.  Zeb on the other hand lets me kiss him all I want.

we are wearing matching shirts because we had a soccer game right afterwards- not because I usually match my kids when we go out in public!
 and he'll kiss back.


boysmum2 said...

we love mini golf too and that place looks like such a fun place. I love your matching shirts and as for the kisses, well I ahve one that loves to snuggle and kiss and 1 that just stayes as stiff as a board and seems to have missed out on the gene that allows him to snuggle!!

Aleese and Scott said...

Those pictures of you and Zeb are priceless! So sweet!

Michelle said...

Fun! That bottom pic is THE best - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Do either you or Kent chomp ice? Me and Krystal both do -- we love it -- just like Ike!

MettaMetta - she is so dang happy and smiley. It's seriously contagious.