Thursday, April 11, 2013


all of my kiddos have become attached to a special blanket.  I love it.  it makes bed time easier. and road trips, too.    Although Metta's blanket gets mighty dirty crazy fast.  and finding a good time to clean it is pretty impossible.  I love this picture of her (I love all pictures of her).  Sometimes she'll just plop down where she is and put her head down on the ground on top of it- give a little smile- and then get up and go on her way.
the past few days we've had hellish weather. hot and humid.   I need at least two months where I don't have to turn on my a/c OR heater!    Kent has had a few days off while he is transitioning from PICU to nights.  (The worst two rotations EVER!!  ahhhhhhhhhhhh!  oh well- we'll get through them).

We've been trying to have some fun with the days he's off and yesterday we got 50 cent kites. We went up to the green space just above our house- and invited our neighbors to join us in the fun.

Our kites were terrible.  we lost one in the trees right away because it got to the end of the string and just flew away!!! and the other got tangled.  Our pals from up the street came with us though- and they let us have some fun flying their kite.  It was a dollar and apparently far superior.
all of the boys trying to get their kites flying.  our neighbors are the greatest!
metta's first time in flip flops :)
Kent took the boys to sonic for happy hour.  I'm on a seven day processed sugar fast - so I opted out.  I went sugar CRAZY over the past month or so (birthday, easter, etc) so I'm trying to detox.  I'm an addict.  truly.  So this week I'm going CRAZY for fruit.  and these amazing cookies- happy trails cookies.  Date paste instead of sugar to make them sweet.  pumpkin seeds and craisins, too. they really are super tasty.  But I am having withdrawals from sugar- so anything remotely sweet tastes divine :)
Metta is trying to participate, too :)  she loves all food.  and is such a good eater.  I'm trying so so hard to make her a lover of many foods- esp veggies.  so far so good.  She eats almost strictly fruits and veggies and whole grains 100% of the time.  I'm cutting back on dairy - but she does get some.   She loves broccoli!!  and pumpkin seeds!  and cucumbers obviously.  I made so many mistakes with the boys when it comes to healthy eating and it's still a battle sometimes so I am determined to make metta better :)


yaya said...

I love flying kites..I don't think you can fly one without a smile on your face..unless it's in the trees! I went on the "Virgin Diet" program for a bit to detox from sugar but I also had to give up dairy, soy, peanuts, corn, gluten, and eggs. 3 weeks...I'm trying to really keep it sugar free and no artificial sweeteners basically no food! Love Metta's little flipflops..too cute!

Michelle said...

Good for you, leisy! That's so hard to do -takes someone with incredible will power to succeed.

Kite flying is so fun!

Michelle said...
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