Thursday, April 4, 2013

spring break '13- dayton style

 Our plans for spring break weren't grandiose considering Kent is on PICU- his most exhausting rotation.  I don't even think the hours are that atrocious- he's just mentally/physically/emotionally spent at the end of his shifts.

So everyday this week we've tried to do something a little different than usual. My spring break goal was to make sure my kids didn't just hear my 'mom' voice.  I've realized lately that the majority of my talking to my kiddos is done in that voice.  It's the less patient, more snappy, and pretty annoying voice.  I don't like hearing it so I'm assuming nobody else does either.  I really have been working SO HARD this week on not using it! and we've had a lot of success.

I tried finding activities where I could talk a lot and give positive feedback a lot.  We read a lot of books. We did a lot of 'fun' worksheets. And we played a lot of games.

Zeb's numero uno request this week was going to the buffet at the 'Pizza Dive'.  Zeb is OBSESSED with this place.  He talks about it daily.  He begs to go way too often.  In his defense- kiddos are only 1.99 on buffet nights!  adults are 6.  and the pizza is DIVINE.  plus- the owners know us now- and are so friendly.  I gave them a fabulous review on urbanspoon and then we got a free pizza and now we are facebook buddies and so on :)

The pizza is outrageous.  and they have games at the tables and coloring pages.
usually kent and I are stringently opposed to taking our children out to eat. waste of money. no fun. really messy. super obnoxious.

 but this place is different.  we all have a good time.
my favorite thing about the buffet is the outrageous pizza flavors I'd never buy otherwise.  the cheeseburger pizza is so tasty.  ketchup and mustard!!
 the BLT is one of the most popular.  We love it.  Fresh tomatoes and salad on pizza. delish.  and the bread bites. and pretzel bites.  they put a sugary buttery garlic sauce on their crusts.  I could lick it off.

Metta is at that place where she canNOT sit still. unless she's eating- and luckily she loves the food here.  But really- she's a terror for the most part.
 and she can't be easily placated now that she's so mobile.  She sees the world under her toes and she just wants to GO GO GO.   she stands at the back sliding doors and bangs and shrieks to get out.   And then she falls on sticks and trips over rocks and shrieks some more.  Oh- it's tough to be a kid.
the past month or so Zeb has been telling us he'd really like to be a photgrapher when he grows up.  I'm sure it has a lot to do with my incessant picture taking so I'll take it as a compliment that he wants to be more like me.

He's been asking to take pictures of everything- so on Wednesday I sent he and Ike outside on a picture taking scavenger hunt.  Having a child who reads well makes activities a lot easier to come up with!  I sent Zeb and Ike out with a list and a camera all by themselves and off they went.

I took this picture through our front window so they wouldn't see me.  I think it's adorable.  and Zeb did a really great job with the picture taking. I was impressed.
 Here's the actual shot he took.  I have no idea why Ike looks so grumpy.  They had to find a dead tree branch.  and check out the neighbor's purple mystery van in the background.  I love it.

a garbage can.

a live animal.
I snapped this one of them finding a purple flower!  I love Ike's little hand showing it off for the picture.

and then finally today- for a last big spring break hooray- we had a preschool party for Ike and his pals.  It's finally spring and we can just send the kids outside while the moms chat!  
One more day and then a fabulous general conference weekend to look forward to!  and kent is even off for one of the days!  I love general conference.

5 comments: said...

Loving that purple van. And I love that they serve that pizza on plain old paper plates.

kresta shay said...

we totally gotta jump on that pizza dive bandwagon.

Kent and Leisy said...

81 hours in 6 days was kind of atrocious. Especially in the PICU!

HowellAZ said...

How fun is that photography activity for the boys?!? Great idea and a fun way to get them outside. And the pizza, well, now I'm just hungry. :)

Michelle said...

81 hours!!!?! That is way crazy. Period.

Leisy - you are the bomb at making Spring Break a success. I loved your advice on the "Mom voice". Too true! I gotta work on that. But - truly - my kids have GOTTA work on getting their crap done so I don't have to pull out the Mom voice all the time!!!