Tuesday, September 2, 2014

big days in the miller house...

I'm going to have to start combining a few posts because I've got so many pics to get through!  I was bored for a couple of weeks here in Japan- but life has returned to the normal busy chaos!  and for that  I am so very glad!!  there's nothing like busyness to make me happy.

We got our HHG last week!!  HHG=household goods.  Only one picture frame was broken- and everything else was in perfect condition.  I was surprised by how happy I was to open boxes and make our house more homelike with the things that make us feel comfortable!  Sleeping on our own bed with our own blankets was pretty amazing!

The piles of boxes in our rooms and hallways aren't so amazing :)

The morning after our stuff showed up- we left!  to Tokyo.   That's for an entirely different post!  We got a last minute cancelled room at the fabulous New Sanno (fancy pants military hotel) and took off for a couple of days.  It was adventurous and exhausting!!

Today was the FIRST day of school.  And we have a KINDERGARTNER!!  Ike has been waiting for kindergarten since Zeb started two years ago.   I know he'll be fabulous- but he has quite the stubborn streak and I'm excited to see how he changes and matures this year!  I'm really glad we sent him to an organized and fabulous preschool  last year!  His teachers really loved him and it's made kindergarten in Japan seem less overwhelming for us both.

Kent is still pretty nervous.  He's already texted today and asked how I think Ike is doing!  Ike and Kent are pretty great pals.  We lucked out that Kent is on call this week and has a later starting day so he got to walk Ike to his class!

This picture kills me.  Ike looks like he wants to die.  He was pretty nervous and didn't eat much breakfast.  He's also the king of  'what if' questions.  So this morning and last night he must have asked us about a gazillion scenarios.  Including: 'what if zombies are real?" and "what if somebody sees my underwear?".  Seriously no matter how many times I tell him a fact- he challenges me with a: "well, what if...??".

and I can't forget  my 2ND grader!!  he actually started school last week and loves it.  He has friends in his class from church- and has the very best teacher.  He and I did his homework assignment this weekend together and it was a lot of fun!  It's a silhouette of him with all of his favorite things!  we took pictures, cut up boxes, and did lots of cutting and gluing.  I love that he's old enough where we can work on things together!
here's the Ikester standing outside his classroom.  The school is a block from our house so we can walk easily.  Once rugrat #4 comes- I'll just let them walk themselves!  it's pretty great.
the room was full of crying moms :)  But once I made sure I could get Ike to smile- I was happy to leave with a smile on my face, too.  

He's pretty adorable.  
I can't wait to hear how the first day went!!


Sherrie Fennell said...

Yippeee for the first day of school!!! We start Thursday. ..2nd grade and Kindergarten. ...

Julie Sacks said...

Your so much better than me, I left Jace in tears. I guess I should rephrase that, I was the one in tears, not him :) He was too terrified to even cry!