Thursday, September 25, 2014

happy anniversary

Ten Years!!
we made it to the big 1-0.  and honestly, I can tell you it's been lovely! 
stellar. fabulous. fun. exciting.  and all around wonderful.
I can truly say that marriage is the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me.  and I've had lots of wonderful things happen :)
  Kent and I met in high school anatomy and physiology and became best friends almost instantly.   
After several years apart in college and on missions- we decided we wanted to be 'more than friends' and were married within a couple of months.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have found somebody so amazing as Kent.  
We are as opposite as can be and compliment each other perfectly.  
Had we looked forward ten years from the day we were married to today- I'd have to say we are exactly where we would have hoped!  we are so blessed.
every day has been an adventure and I haven't been disappointed yet :)

to commemorate ten years we decided to put our marriage to the ultimate test and see if we were willing to try for another ten:
So... we packed up our house and moved around the world to an opposite time zone with three young kids, a pregnant leisy, and kent preparing for one of the biggest exams of his life.  and just for good measure we bought four semi large pieces of Ikea furniture to put together as a couple!

and we made it.  without a single marital hitch.  no yelling about nails or screws.   no freak outs when we were up in the middle of the night with three kids.  no hormonal breakdowns from leisy.  We'll see if kent passes boards in a few weeks (I'm not worried!), and we'll let you know about kid #4 shortly after that.  But, so far- we are looking good.  I think we'll stick with it for another ten.

We've also been celebrating all day!
we went to a very fancy childless lunch at this super fun french restaurant called St. Marcs.

I only got pics of some of the food- not us!  but the food was divine.

and the most amazing part of the entire meal was the bread.  I LITERALLY ate 12 rolls! the servers walk around the entire meal with baskets full of steaming hot fresh french rolls and breads.  and they are ALL different.  here are just three of the many.  I could have stayed another hour just to eat more carbs :)  the croissants were the softest and flakiest and freshest I've ever tasted.  I want to go back.

we've spent our evening trying out new flavors of kit kats.  we celebrate big :)   pumpkin and strawberry were on the menu.  I preferred the pumpkin.  Japan seriously never disappoints.  Ever day is an adventure!

Really- being married makes me the happiest girl in the world.   I can't wait to see what our next ten years will bring.  

муж-  тебя люблю!


Jill Pierce said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Amber and Travis said...

Happy Anniversary!

Pat and Brent said...

Wow-10 busy, happy, crazy, adventure packed years! You are so good together and we are so happy you are together!!