Tuesday, September 23, 2014

the day they called me a sumo wrestler!

 this evening we had a cultural night at our church!  the Japanese congregation came and had a wonderful evening for the English congregation.  It was so much fun!  they fed us, did cooking demos, dressed us up, did our hair!, and took our pictures.  Japanese people are the kindest most respectful people you'll ever meet.  And although I may not love all of their food- their kitchen skills are beyond impressive.

They LOVE to make fancy lunches for their kiddos.  Apparently there are thousands of Pinterest boards dedicated to creative Japanese bento boxes.  and they do stuff like this for their kids REGULARLY!!  it's a good thing I'm not a Japanese mom.

The Japanese women made all of us Bento boxes with a fabulous dinner.   They love to put eggs with their sushi and rice and I LOVE it.  finally something I love!!  Somehow everything they put on their rice is sweet- including the scrambled eggs.  I didn't do well with the fish cake wrapped cucumbers- but I loved everything else!  
they sat us down after eating and did all of our hair and prepped us all to take pictures with traditional Japanese dress.  It was lovely.   and I've really got to learn how to french braid!   
Japanese people are rather petite and to stuff me into one of these Kimonos was probably no small feat.  When I asked the woman who was wrapping me up if I'd fit- she responded: "kimonos fit every size.  You are like a sumo wrestler and we will fit you".  I almost died.  I was laughing so hard.  I'm just going to assume that being called a sumo wrestler is a grand compliment in Japan :)
But really- it was pretty fun tot get dressed up and get our hair done by somebody.  These outfits also enforce fabulous posture!  
this is the closest thing to a maternity photo shoot you'll ever get of me :)  This is my other red headed pregnant pal here in Japan.  we got sausaged in these things pretty tight!
our night really was a blast!  next month we are hosting a big American Thanksgiving dinner for the Japanese women and I think we should do a photo shoot of cowboys and pilgrims and indians for them!


Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, Cora, and Josh said...

Wow, what a fun activity!!! You look amazing!

Jill Pierce said...

That looks so fun! Eggs are usually a safe bet unless they are the thousand year old eggs in Taiwan. ::shudder::

Unknown said...
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Annie Oswald said...

oh em geez you are having way too much fun. I hope your culture night is the week that I'm there. Can't wait to see you. I think you should hire me as a nanny and I'll quit my job and come live with you. Your dad can work from anywhere so he can come too.

Nannie Annie

yaya said...

You look so pretty! That dress is amazing and I love your hair! We have a Ward member/good friend who married a Chinese lady. She's a hoot and always makes me laugh. One day I admired her lovely blouse. She said next time she went to China she'd get me one. She said: "They come in extra, extra, extra, extra large sizes." (She only weighs about 10oz...) I started to laugh but then realized she was serious. Oh well, I love her anyway! You are having a great experience and I hope it continues to be so fun!

Pat and Brent said...

What a fun activity! I love the little lunchboxes, they are so cute. You look beautiful in your Kemano. I would love to be at your Thanksgiving activity for the Japanese ladies. I bet it will be awesome!

Sofia said...

How fun! Glad to see you guys have really settled in!