Friday, September 19, 2014

busy and happy

I've got a gazillion posts in the the making- but life has taken over!  I think it officially means we live here :)  This past saturday we had some grand plans- and then routine errands took over and before we knew it- the day was done with no big adventures!  it was a really lovely weekend, however,

Although last week I had far too many run ins with base security forces.  SF are the base 'police'.   It was a rough week.

I got pulled over after the base friendship festival fireworks for 'rolling through a stop sign'.  I would have accepted the fact that it was true IF I had not been in a line of HUNDREDS of cars who ALSO rolled through the stop.  It was ridiculous.  I actually asked the officer if ANY of the cars had stopped completely!  he told me: "It doesn't matter what anybody else did ma'am, only you".  I guess that's an important life lesson.  I'm pretty sure I was just the unlucky driver to get stopped for a random DUI check.  When he saw I was overly pregnant and had three kids - he didn't even ask about alcohol.  He just ticketed me for the non stop'.  I told him it wasn't very nice to pull over moms and their kids coming home from the fireworks!   I was pretty bugged. and then I found out tickets don't cost anything on base and they don't affect your insurance at all!  ha! give me a ticket :)  they do accrue points and I could lose my license if I roll through 3 more stops in the next 12 months.  I plan on stopping for a full three seconds from here on out :) oh- and Kent had to report the ticket to his commander! luckily- he was working the med tent at the festival and was standing next to his commander when I texted him about the whole debacle.  He just told him about it and they laughed.

Then thursday evening- coming home from Japanese class at our church- I got my military ID confiscated at the base gates as I was trying to get back on!  luckily Kent was with me.  Apparently it was expired!  I blame this on the parasite sucking my brain's blood flow!  getting a new ID isn't that big of a deal- besides the fact that Kent HAD to accompany me.  and their hours of operation are form 9-1.  kent is ALWAYS working from 9-1. we finally got it taken care of.

I also had to go to Fussa city hall this week to get temporary plates for our car so we could renew JCI (japanese compulsory insurance) and that was another adventure.  Luckily Japanese government offices seem to run A LOT smoother and faster than American ones!

all of the pictures in this post are just a smattering from our last two weeks!

The Japanese LOVE vending machines.  You order meals at vending machines and buy just about anything!  and they are EVERYwhere.

We got 50yen ice cream cones at Ikea last week :)

Kent and I both had long days at work yesterday so we rewarded ourselves with dinner out.  We went to the Seiyu (walmart) and tried out one of the top floor restaurants.   Almost every large store here has their top floor dedicated to restaurants!  even walmart!  we got takeout from an Indian place- and while we were waiting- checked out the toy vending machines!  Ike is obsessed with finding and saving yen (or any money for that matter).  His pockets are packed full of coins at all times.  He's a little thief when it comes to money- so we have to be careful not leave any sitting out!
He had enough change to get pokemon keychains for himself and his siblings.  They were all really excited about it!
another really fabulous aspect of Japan is their obsession with eating out.  they LOVE to eat out. and almost every restaurant you go to has FULL food displays of the menu. If there isn't a display- there is at least a full picture menu.  It's CRAZY. and so helpful to us as Americans :)  

Our butter chicken, saag paneer, and cheese naan was beyond delicious.
Kent convinced me to love indian food- so hopefully he can help me with Japanese food!  

parking and driving in Japan is pretty crazy.  usually when we go out- we park in tall parking structures and Metta LOVES them.  It must be a genetic thing passed down from her Nannie Annie- but when we go up and down the big ramps- she puts her hands up in the air and yells "weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!".  
with Zeb and Ike in school- Metta and I get to spend a lot of quality time together.  And she is a really good kid.  Different stores have different sale days so we usually go to a few stores a week, hit library story time, go to the commissary,  and run or workout!

Here she is at the fish sale!  the 'daiei' usually has all of their fruits and veggies and fish priced at 88 yen on thursdays!  that's an AMAZING price on apples and small pineapples and peppers- so we usually come here!  we only take pictures of the fish :)
this is a picture metta took of me at bootcamp class last week.  It's cute, I know.  I teach bootcamp once a week at our church building!  I love group exercise and I love teaching so I'm really glad for the opportunity to do it!  plus- we meet on the top (3rd) floor so we always get to run stairs as part of the class- and I LOVE running stairs :)
I also found a cardio/strength class once a week here on base that is 'child friendly' as long as your kid is well behaved! metta sits, munches on fruit snacks, and plays with my phone while I work out! I'm luckily she's so great.  so I get to do two classes a week.  the other days I just run,
 the weather has been FABULOUS lately so I have been able to run outside!!  and I splurged on an amazon lighting deal a few months ago and bought a double BOB running stroller.  It's amazing.  but running is getting TOUGH.  that's the ONE reason I can't wait to get this baby OUT of me.  I am SO EXCITED to run like a normal person again!!  running with two kids in the stroller has got to be easier than running with one in the stroller and one in utero.   Although there is nothing in this world like running preggo that can show me how weak I am and how strong I am all at the same time!
only 4 more weeks to go.  it's gone WAY too fast.  this pregnancy has been my easiest so far I think.  Kent says I say that every time, though.  

36 weeks was a big milestone for me.  If I had gone into labor any earlier than now- I would have delivered at a Japanese hospital and may have NOT gotten an epidural.  that is the ONLY thing in my birth plan.  GET THE EPIDURAL.  now it's almost a for sure thing.  I can breathe much easier.

oh- and just for fun- this last picture of metta. She was SOBBING because she found out that her brothers got TWO suckers a piece when we got the flu vaccine.  She only got one.  and was SO MAD.  she's spoiled.

Last year getting the flu shot was the SINGLE WORST parenting moment of my life.  My children turned into wildebeasts. They were literally transformed into Tasmanian Devils or Honey Badgers or something.  It was as though they had all become possessed. they screamed and kicked and fought and spit and wailed.  I am NOT exaggerating. You'd have thought we were trying to kill them.
  so this year- kent found out the moment the flu MIST came in.  he texted me from work and I had the kids at the immunization clinic in less than ten minutes.  we were in and out with NO tears (until the sucker thing!). 

life is good.  the weather is lovely.   I texted kent at work today to ask how he was doing.  He replied: "I'm busy. But I'm happy".   we are finding our place here and it's working out nicely. 

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