Friday, May 30, 2014

we won a contest!!

I enter so many darn facebook contests ALL of the time!  I like gazillions of statuses- share posts- and leave comments nearly every day somewhere to win something!  and last week- I totally won a contest!! at the Beavercreek Pizza Dive!  one of our favorite pizza places in Dayton.  This pizza is AMAZING. and the owners are the NICEST people around.  They have an all you can eat buffet for crazy cheap on mondays- and the pizza choices are incredible.  In fact- I've blogged about them before HERE!

 I won a family prize pack! a super big dinner and 4 tickets to Beauty and the Beast at the Schuster center!  we used it all last night and had the greatest time.

we got a TON of food.  Their breadsticks and crust are spread with some crazy addictive sugar butter garlic sauce.  It is to die for.

we got drinks and cookies, too.

 they've got all sorts of games and coloring pages at the tables to keep little kidlets busy.  Metta likes to lick markers (amongst MANY other strange things).
We dropped Metta off with friends after dinner and were off to enjoy the show!
The social media booth.  Ike refused to hold a sign.  Kent, too :)  So Zeb and I did the honors.
 Ike and I are kind of two peas in a pod when it comes to musicals and theater.  I'm fine until intermission- and then I wish that it would be over!  the show didn't start until 8- and was REALLY great- but a little long in my opinion :)  Ike stole my sweater and curled up to fall asleep.
 I think that Kent enjoyed the night most of all!  he was so excited to take the boys to their first 'show'.  He showed them the orchestra and told them about all of the instruments.  He talked to them about the curtain call and all sorts of other stuff.  Zeb ate it all up and was on the edge of his seat for the entire performance!!  when Gaston came out for the curtain call to take a bow, zeb proudly booed!  it was so funny.
 our seats were up on the FOURth balcony!  it was quite the view and the boys were pretty impressed.  The evening was perfect (minus the woman in front of us who tried to 'sshhhhush' the entire theater- there were lots of kids- at least ten times) and was only made even better because it was all FREE!!  hooray for the Beavercreek Pizza Dive!! thank you! thank you!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

out of the house...

I've been trying to stay OUT of the house lately for several reasons! 
 A:  looking around at everything we have to do is making me anxious! 
B: kent is on nights and sleeps all day so we have to be quiet or get out!
C: the weather has been wonderfully NOT hot!

But- since evenings are lonely and boring without Kent- I should get to blogging :)

Last week Zeb had 'dress like your favorite book character' day at school.  He went as Harry Potter. and he is as adorable as ever.  These pictures kill me. So grown up- yet so little.
Kent is reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to the boys right now.   He'll read a chapter or two each night before he heads to work! and they LOVE it.  Zeb can't stand waiting and always reads ahead a chapter or two after Kent leaves for the night (which means he gets each chapter twice!).
  A few nights ago Ike asked him what he was doing.  When Zeb replied that the was: "reading ahead"- Ike got angry and snapped at him: "I don't see a 'head'.  You aren't reading a 'head'.  You are reading Harry Potter!!".  And then Zeb and I both laughed and he got even more upset!!  

The boys run around having wizard's duels and wand fights. Zeb has read up on all of the spells from the books and teaches them to Ike!  I love that these boys are such fabulous friends. And I love that Zeb studies spells in his free time! 
Saturday was our last soccer game of the season! HOORAY!!!  Kent made it to ONE game.  it has been a crazy busy spring season and I'm happy it has come to an end!  we made it 1 quarter into our game on saturday before the rain/hail/sleet came down HARD.  we were SO COLD and SO WET!  so we went straight to tim horton's for timbits and hot chocolate!
Saturday evening I took the kids to dayton's 'World Affair'.  Booths are set up from countries all around the world with food, and information, and pictures.  We went to search out Japan and learn something new!  we learned that their desserts are not very tasty!!

We got some ice cream balls that I thought would be pretty tame.  They were covered in a big sticky rice stretchy gelatinous material and were nasto.  The kids ripped off the covering and ate the ice cream inside, though :)
ice cream faced metta at the Scottish boot!
I sent this picture to Kent from a friend's farewell bbq that we attended this weekend- and he said the exact same thing I as thinking when I sent the text.  "Zeb is growing up!"  suddenly this kid doesn't want a hot dog anymore.  He wants a full blown hamburger.  I'm not sure why this is such a momentous and noteworthy event for Kent and me- but I feel like it's a sign that our Zebby is growing up.  
Ike is growing up, too.  He has preschool graduation this week!  he helped me make his scrapbook pages for the school scrap book and he was pretty proud of himself.  

 Here's metta pretending to be a dog.  She roams the house in animal form often.   Her hair is getting so long and I've got to come up with some new hairdos!  I'm not sure if I'll ever be a successful hair doer.  Where does one get ideas or skills on hair doing for baby girls?!
Lastly- but not least.
My best friend on these long and lonely nights is great tv.  and right now I'm watching "Call the Midwife".  I love it.  The characters are so charming and real. British tv is so refreshing (this show anyway!).  I need another good show once I finish the last couple episodes of this one!  any suggestions??

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I think my kiddos love me...

I love to celebrate for any reason and will never turn down a holiday or gifts! Therefore I love Mother's Day.  I work hard at being a mom and I don't think it's overrated to celebrate those efforts with a day of appreciation!  Just like I work hard at being me- and think I deserve a birthday celebration each year.

Kent is on nights- so we only got to see him for about an hour on Mother's Day- but he did as much as humanly possible for me in that hour :)  He started dinner when he came home that morning- and finished it all when he woke up that afternoon!  we had a fabulous late lunch- and I got some pretty awesome shoes.  Look at them.  they are insane.  and I LOVE them.
Kent is worried about me.  worried that our move to Japan will be tough.  and he's right. he knows me well.  I am so excited to go- this has been our plan all along! to travel the world.  to live a grand adventure.  But- there will be tears.  tears when I drive away from Dayton. tears when we get to Japan.  tears about losing my friends.  about being so far away from family.  it's going to be a big transition with some rocky spots! but now I have some fab new shoes to help me hit the ground running.

  Zeb made me a card at school and had to write a reason I am special.  He'd quizzed me at home about this question several times because he was having a hard time coming up with an answer.  I asked him why he'd rather have me as a mom and not somebody else.  His reply was  pretty simple:  "well, if you were dead I would just get somebody else."  Thanks, Zeb :)     His final answer was that I make the best cookies. hmmm.  the only problem is that I don't make cookies.  Kent is the cookie maker in this family.  I think that one was a suggestion from his teacher!  I did love this part of the card-
especially his little "˄ sometimes" part on the last line!

Ike had a 'muffins with mom'  day at preschool.  He told me about it and then asked if Kent could go with him instead!   Luckily Kent had to work- so I told him I was his only option!  he finally conceded to allowing me to come.  And I think when the day was over he was happy to have had me. We won both rounds of 'musical chairs' and he was excited.  I had to get pretty competitive to win the game AND win him over - but I was successful.

I also got to facetime my sister from brazil as she skyped my mom at home in Utah.  Technology
is amazing.  She is happier than ever and loving being a missionary!

Being a mother certainly doesn't define me entirely- but I am so grateful and happy that it is one of my many  titles.  
I'm grateful for the amazing mothers I have (now and in the past) in my life. 
My  mum- Annie- is the reason I am who I am!  she taught me how to be healthy, happy, and successful in life!  what else do you need?!
My Mother-in-Law, Pat, for giving me the best present I've ever had!- KENT! 

Sunday, May 11, 2014


we've had an afternoon of laughs and tears from this kid today. Zeb's mouth is full of snaggleteeth and holes.  and today we've got an especially crazy tooth.
this tooth is dangling by the teeny tiniest pulp of gummy tissue.  You can see a clear margin ABOVE the tooth for pete's sake!

 seriously.  look at him.  it looks absolutely ridiculous.
 when he walks and talks, it wiggles and jiggles. He can twist it 360 degrees!!
 we have all been laughing pretty hard about it.
 Kent is BEGGING to yank it.  and that makes Zeb cry.  I told Zeb we would wait for it to fall out on its own.  I can't stand ripping bandaids off- let alone the thought of yanking out out a TOOTH!! yuck.
I'm betting the tooth fairy shows up tonight :)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

park adventures.

I haven't taken pictures with my camera in AGES!  This week Ike had a fieldtrip to Cloud park- one of our favorites in the area- so I went along and finally took out my camera!  

Metta is pretty independent- and I'm not much of a helicopter parent- so it took me awhile to realize she was no longer on the playground a short time after we arrived.  Her pal- Cora- was missing, too.  I ran back into the woods behind the slides- and found her off roading with Cora. They were definitely not on any trail- which probably helped slow them down and didn't let them get too far! but they were thick into the woods :) and when they saw us- they took off RUNNING!  such little wild turkeys.
 She's such a fun child.  Even if she does run away into the woods!
 She was really nervous to cross the creaky bridge- so Ike offered to help her cross every time she needed it.  Ike really loves Metta.  He begs to wake her up from naps, he loves to help her, and he always wants to share things with her!  It's really cute. especially because usually he's so stingy with his love and affection!
 Ike's pal Ava would NOT smile for the camera- but I caught her with a real smile playing tag!
Cora with her stick.  Kent and I decided Metta is going to have the hardest time with our move.  She's so in love with her life and her routine. The gym, church, meijer, her pals, Cora!  She's going to have major withdrawals.  It makes me a little sad to think about!
 Ike, Paxton, and Ronan.   I can't believe how amazingly beautiful the weather was Wednesday morning.  Today is already too hot for me - and too sunny!  but yesterday at the park was PERFECT!!

 I'm making a goal to take a gazillion more pictures the last 7.5 weeks we live here in Ohio!