Sunday, February 5, 2017

bali emerald house

Flying to bali was the first time I got to experience the fabulousness of Singapore airlines.  It was unbelievable.  They got us a seat for Mack (even though we didn't pay) and put us in the extra legroom seats.  We got hot towels at the beginning of the flight, had our own tvs and the food wasn't half bad!!   we flew from tokyo to singapore and then singapore to bali.
all flights to bali are a little crazy unless you fly direct- so we had an 8 hour layover overnight in the singapore airport. Our kids are such good sports.  we slept on the floor of the airport.  They had weird little beds- but they were terribly uncomfortable- so we all opted for the floor!

once we got to Bali- and made it to our airbnb villa- we were astonished. the place was beautiful.  I stole this pic from their site because my pictures don't do it justice.  
we arrived early in the morning and my parents arrived later that afternoon!  it was so exciting to have my parents come and meet us there!  my mum is quite the world traveller and told us she'd meet us somewhere if it were to a country she'd never been.  Indonesia was on her "never been list" so we all lucked out.
I bought the new harry potter book and saved it for poolside and beachside.  I really enjoyed it!  It is VERY different from the books- but SNAPE!!!  so how could I not love it?!

our kids swam in this pool at every hour of the day.  Early in the morning, late at night, and any chance they could get.

Southeast Asia has turned these boys in football jersey wearing fanatics.  Every market we go to- we have to hunt for soccer jerseys.

This is our view from the Upper balcony of the house!  there were three bedrooms- two upstairs.

Here's the room where Kent and I stayed!  the boys and metta were in the other room upstairs.

view of the downstairs!  the place was owned and run by a bulgarian couple named pepe and sonya!

our first full day in bali we visited a statue/flower/culture park.  It really wasn't all that fabulous- but there was a cool dance to watch and see some native costumes!  we got pretty bored and only watched the show for a 15 minutes- and then snuck out!
this costume was my favorite!!

we also noticed a lot of things in bali have 'crazy eyes'.  Zeb and I are very good at the crazy eye thing :)
just up the road from our villa was a 'virgin' beach.  I have to say I was NOT impressed with the beaches of Bali.  they were REALLY crowded and touristy and not really great to swim in.  But- this beach was surely the best we found!   mostly because it was just us, the beach rakers, and a couple of rogue parasailers!!  It was called Samabe beach.  The water was THE most unbelievable color of blue I've ever seen.  I reminds me of my favorite koolaid flavor from college- Berry Blue Lemonade!!

all of our stuff was set out right in front of this sign.  While we were playing on the beach a chinese parasailor came flying in and crashed directly into the sign!  it broke the sign to bits and scared us all! mack was sitting with my mom and my camera (I'm pretty glad she didn't nail my camera!!) when it all happened!  we tried to help her and ask if she was okay and she didn't want any help!!  it was bonkers.

these two boys are so lucky to have each other!!
the tutu swimsuit is adorable.  could I pull one off?

there was a line of seaweed out in the water that we had to swim past to enjoy the water without screeching in fear every time the stuff brushed by our legs!  am I the only one totally grossed out by seaweed?!

Metta and Nannie Annie and I went shopping for some fresh fruits for our villa!

One of my very favorite things we did in all of Bali was having high tea at the St. Regis.  It was CRAZY fancy.  The most highfalutin thing I've ever done!!! but so worth it.  so delicious. 
I ca't begin to imagine how much money it costs to stay at a place like this.
 the contrast between life inside the gates of this hotel and outside the gates was shocking.  everything in here was pure luxury.

I ate so many macarons I thought I'd burst. they were so delicious. and all of the puffed pastries and creme cakes and quiches and tarts.  it was all so tasty!! I'm hungry just thinking about it!!

I still don't know what was in our drinks- but it was ridiculously delicious.  we tried to dress a little bit nicer than our typical beach wear- but luckily most of the other guests were pretty lax in their clothes, too.  We don't really own ay 'resort wear' clothes I see on project runway!!
I had about 7 helpings of the clotted cream and scones.  It was my first time tasting the real thing and I am hooked.  oh. my. gosh. SO GOOD.

our kids were really brave and tried all sorts of new stuff.  It was all stellar food- so it wasn't hard to refuse- but our kids can get pretty picky!  there was no ketchup or french fries for ike anywhere!

these guys were playing these balinese instruments out in the lobby!

I looked online and it appears St. Regis does their high tea all around the world!  I plan on checking it out again somewhere else sometime.

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