Monday, February 6, 2017

waater temple

Indonesia is famous for Luwak coffee.  We aren't coffee drinkers- but still visited a coffee plantation to see the process. They also grow cacao plants for hot chocolate!  I'm pretty sure oompa loompas actually come from Bali!  
This is what cacao looks like on the tree!
Luwak coffee is so famous because it's coffee brewed from the beans that have passed through a 'Luwak's' digestive tract first.  In hindsight I realize this is probably a very non animal friendly process.  Luwak's are like feral crazy cats.  This plantation joked that their coffee is 'Cat-Poo-ccino'.  they eat the beans and then they process the poo and brew coffee from those beans.
Here are the boys sifting through some of the beans that are out drying.
and mack with his best pal, Kadek.  They really were such buddies.  they were obviously having a very intense discussion about something here!
this coffee plantation had some pretty great views!
They give free samples of all their freshly brewed drinks!  the lemon tea and hot chocolate were divine!  metta grabbed some coffee on accident and was not impressed :) !!

After the coffee plantation- kadek took us to a burning festival.  Once a year the communities gather to honor those who have passed the previous year.
their giant burning piles were pretty cool.

one of the last temples we visited on our trip was the water temple. high on a hill above the temple is the house of the Balinese President!
These waters are said to be healing and cleansing!  I was tempted to get in and join them but didn't want wet clothes the rest of the day!!!

I love all of the statues in Asia that portray lots of children! they always make me feel so normal!!  unlike many other Asian countries- Balinese tend to still have larger families.

these kiddos were so happy and nice to our kiddos.
Besides having to be carried all of the time- mack was at a pretty good age to travel.  He's a lot of fun and quick to smile.
I think this trip was the last time I saw a twinge of red in this kids hair.  He is pure blonde, now.
and Zeb is the best age to travel!!  still young enough that he doesn't cost much or eat much- but can take care of himself!
Don't you just want to walk up behind zeb and shove him in to the water??
family picture at the water temple entrance!
I love all of these pictures where Ike has gramps' sunglasses on. He thought he was pretty cool. and please note mack's peace sign.  I still love it!

thankfully we found ice cream the market after the temple visit.  It's kind of a trade off when travelling with kids.  We make them do something they think is boring - and then we buy them ice cream.  They are going to be very disappointed when we return to America and there's not ice cream at every boring historical attraction.

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