Tuesday, February 7, 2017

campuhan ridge

I was most excited about our villa in Ubud because of a place called campuhan ridge! It was a perfect distance (just under 2 miles) from our place- and just over a mile long so I could get in the most beautiful sunrise run of my life!! I read about this place on a blog and realized it was super close to our villa.  I woke up early one morning and after a lot of online landmark studying (with pics on my phone- but NO gps!!) I took off for a run!!
I got worried a couple of times about where to go- but eventually found the landmarks I was searching for!
running in new and beautiful places is one of my favorite things in life!  Running is about the only time/place I can find my zen.  I didn't love the heat and humidity so much- but early in the morning it wasn't so stifling.
it was so quiet out on the path!! I thought for sure there'd be a few other crazy tourists!!
but I had the morning to myself!!!

there are a couple of restaurants at the far end of the ridge that weren't open yet!
Oh, how I wish I could run with my giant camera!!  the phone pictures will have to do!

look at this place!!!
How was I the ONLY one here?!?
you can see by my sticky and sweaty red face just how hot it was getting!

it was probably the most beautiful place I've ever run!
by the time I ran back and found my way back to the main road- the little villages had awoken!  the streets were buzzing and full of motorcycles!  It was a little more hectic getting home- but I found my way!!

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