Monday, February 6, 2017

monkey forrest

Ubud monkey forest is one of the main reasons I wanted to go to Bali.  I have gotten plenty of monkeys in Asia- but this place comes with so many great stories!!  we've had a lot of friends return with tales to tell.  One friend had a teenage son who was aggressively jumped on and then bit so badly it cut an artery.  Luckily a passerby happened to be an ER trauma doc from the states and administered a tourniquet with his belt.  He was then taken the the balinese hospital and underwent emergency surgery!!  After hearing these stories- Kent was less than excited about this place.
I promised to keep our kids food free (mostly problems arise when people hide food from the monkeys or get nervous when feeding them and then jerk away).

The place was astounding.  SO MANY monkeys live here.

the vegetation is also pretty amazing!!

little baby monkeys are ridiculous.  If you don't think they are adorable- you are dead inside.  I loved them so much.  They are nearly impossible to photograph because they move constantly!!
look at this crazy tree!!!

this bridge was my favorite place in the park!  the giant trees growing up and around it are so so crazy.

the monkeys that live at this place are definitely accustomed to fighting for food.  they are not the friendliest creatures.

all the teeth baring made kent nervous.  While he was worrying over children- I secretly snuck over to a food vendor and bought some bananas.

I know this picture is crazy blurry- but it's the best picture of the entire vacation!! Kent is SO the instagram husband.  he calls me a picture snob.  I require that every photo look great (what's wrong with that?!!?) and that he take all of these perfect photos of me.  He was SO bugged that I wanted a picture with monkeys on me.  I'm not even sure what happened here.  I no longer had a banana stuffed down my shirt so they weren't going for that!  I think they were just fighting each other and I landed in the middle.   It was a little terrifying!! but so worth it.
a lot of these pics are blurry- but there was so much excitement and it was a little dark since we were in the jungle :)

selfie with a monkey.
look at that adorable little hand!!
this guy had had enough paparazzi.

More stunning scenery!

Everybody  needs to see monkeys in the wild before they die!  I think my favorite monkeys EVER are still the Nagano snow monkeys- but these guys come in at a close second :)

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