Sunday, August 21, 2011

 The Carriage Hill Metropark is literally right up the road from our house (and it's free)! They've got a real 'working' 1880s farmhouse!  with woodworking, cooking, sewing, and other demos- plus farm animals wandering around :)

The kiddos especially loved the play kitchen and schoolhouse.  Zeb spent quite awhile making and passing out cookies.
Zeb couldn't believe that these speckled chickens were real.  He couldn't grasp why they looked the way they did.
In the mock school house they also had this GIANT stuffed cow.  We'd spent a long morning outside so I was pooped and couldn't resist flopping down on the (gross and germy)thing.

 My absolute favorite part of the farm was the penny candy store.  A real live penny candy store!  With 3 cent candies.  We ate ourselves silly. Like two dollars worth.  If you come and visit- we'll take you! They have pin wheels and charleston chews!!!

Both boys insisted on getting pixie sticks. And neither had a good reaction.

 and two more shots of the grown up kid.  He's a keeper.


Nate and Jessica said...

Ew you got on the gross cow! Yeah, your posts are reminding that Vegas kids were disappointed in Pixie sticks too

Romney Family said...

That is awesome!!! Love the picture of the boys and pixie stix!! Thanks for the laugh!!

Annie O said...

OK. I'm convinced. We gotta come see you while the weather is good. Call your dad and tell him we should come in October.