Tuesday, August 23, 2011

our week in blurry pictures

 At least every other day Zeb asks: "Mom, is summer over yet? When can summer be over?"  This kiddo is definitely related to me!  Luckily August has been really nice-but still hot enough to play in the water and go to SONIC!  There are two dangerously located Sonics here. One less than a mile from our place (and across the street from the splash pad) and the other right next to the gym.  I don't even stand a chance.

The boys always want to get out and sit at the tables.  We went for family home evening one week and saw a girl on her skates crash HARD with a big tray full of food.  Zeb just kept asking why she was wearing the skates in the first place!
Blue coconut slushes and corn dogs. Life does not get any better.  Unless you get a sprite zero with limes and grape flavoring.  That's my regular favorite.
And here are the boys playing the new 'Cars 2' DS game that gramps and nannie annie sent back with Taylor and Laney.  Zeb LOVES it.  and as much as I promised to not be the mom of a kiddo with a gaming device- I LOVE THE DS (we got it at a yard sale WITH games for fifteen bucks!!).  Such great leverage!!  he gets his 'play minutes' after his reading and writing time- plus it works as a great threatening tool!!  I can threaten to take his minutes away and get him to do just about anything in record time :)  Such a great parenting tool, right?!
Thanks Gramps and Nannie Annie!!!
We are just keeping busy with regular stuff.  Zeb starts preschool in two weeks (we are doing a coop with a bunch of friends)and while he is ecstatic- Ike is going to be devastated!

 I'm adjusting to kent's schedule finally. We had it really easy for awhile there and now things are picking up! Luckily he goes back to easy hours next week again. This whole residency thing has been just about what I expected so far.  Kent loves what he is doing and a majority of his rotations this year are clinic hours so he gets to be home pretty frequently.  I'm pretty sure he's felt more stressed than I have the past few months, though :)  I'm certain that being a first time real doctor is more intimidating than just about anything you could imagine!!  but he's amazing with rugrats and hasn't even almost killed anyone yet!!


Michelle said...

You're so funny, Leisy! I'm proud of BOTH you and Kent for all the work you have done and continue to do. You guys are amazing.

And those boys are pretty darn cute, too!

Greta said...

I love your faith in your hubs! Here's to no "almost killing anyone"! I too love the DS as a motivator....just stay strict. It's really easy to fall back on the "well, it's keeping him busy" mentality:)

Cynthia said...

i still have never tried sonic before. I'll have to try your sprite zero concotion sometime.
It was good catching up with you!

yaya said...

Your kids are so cute with their corn dog smiles! I know Kent will be the best doc around and where ever you guys go, they will be the luckiest patients to have him...after reading your post, enjoying the pics, all I can think about is that poor girl who fell on skates with the tray of food! Yikes...we don't have a Sonic..just the little hot dog stand.

Nate and Jessica said...

I love their corn dogs!