Sunday, October 9, 2011

autumn in the park

As much as I love Fall- it kinda stresses me out.  Maybe I'm the only person in the world with this problem- but it kind of makes me crazy.  Every day when I wake up and drive around I get all worried that all of the leaves are changing too fast.  I'm afraid that I'm going to wake up tomorrow and everything will be brown- or fallen to the ground.    I'm afraid we haven't taken enough pictures or spent enough time jumping in the leaves!  What if somehow I've missed driving down the best roads and missed the best foliage?!  I just have to keep telling myself- it will be back next year.  and honestly- I'm a pretty big fan of this next season so I'm not sure what all the worry is about.

Today- in order to try and remove some of the anxiety- we went out and enjoyed the perfect weather and great colors. And I took plenty of pictures :)

Four houses down from ours there is a short little pathway that leads to a giant piece of neighborhood green space!  We really should be taking bigger advantage of it- but our yard is big and fabulous so we don't.

There's even a playground at the end of the field that you can see if you squint hard enough!
The playground equipment reminds me a little of rickety russian playgrounds- but the boys loved it!

Kent went flying off the horse right after I took this picture!

We spent today doing a pre celebration of Kent's birthday since he works ALL day tomorrow for the real deal.  We opened up presents and just had a fabulous family day.

Zebby was pretty good to actually look at me for pictures. I think he realizes that if he just looks at me a few times- I'll leave him alone and let him play :)

Ike -on the other hand- is a little spazzoid when the camera comes out.  Such a little turkey.
Kent told him to look at me here- and he gave me the most ridiculous side smirk.

He continues to make me crazy with his two year old antics.  Today we drove to church with him COMPLETELY naked. Honestly. No clothes. Not even undies.  He had a freakout just as we were trying to get him dressed and full on refused.  Kent and I- together- could not physically restrain him long enough to even put on his underwear.  It was RIDiculous. We finally just took him to the car naked.  Kent said he hopes this kid never has to get an IV :)  He calmed down on the drive and I got him dressed in the parking lot while Kent and Zeb went into church.  Church, surprisingly, was pretty problem free. He just didn't want to get dressed at the moment we wanted him to.


Michelle said...

O my cuteness!

I love Zeb's handsome smile - and Ike's cute craziness. That one picture of him is hilarious ... just priceless!

I am laughing so hard at Kent on the rocking horse. So dang funny!

I also think it's pretty darn funny that you drove to church with Ike completely naked! HAHAHA. I always threaten my kids that they will "just have to go with however ready they are" -- but, that always gets them to hustle their bustles and get dressed and ready. :)

Michelle said...

PS - when are you going to start pinning on Pinterest? I'm very anxious to share, uh steal your ideas. ;)

PPS - Happy birthday Kenter Qube! I'm glad you had a weekend with your fam before having to work like crazy again. Mom told me you got to perform a lumbar puncture the other day. Those are very traumatic (they were for me, anyway - I had to have Mom go in the room when both Miss and Krystal had them done). I'm curious about the details ...

PPPS - It was so good to talk to you guys today!

tiffany said...

well you can always spend december in vegas our leaves dont change till then and the weather fells like fall for the most part some days it gets down to 30 degress but its still nice

Susanna George said...

I love that you just put him in the car naked, it makes me feel like my family is a little more normal then I let myself believe sometimes.
P.S. We are going to Hocking Hills next weekend...what do you recommend doing...what is a must?

Justin and Jules said...

You are totally not the only one. I would get stressed when wind storms would come and think, Oh no, it's going to blow all the leaves off and I have not enjoyed it all enough yet! Although here, the leaves have not even started changing yet so I have a little longer to go till I hit that stage :)

Linz said...

Oh!!! I love all of those pictures!!! ESPECIALLY the top one! Precious!!

Cynthia said...

I still remember when you took us on the other path for walking group so we could see the beautiful leaves on the trees (they were a neon green color- it was unreal).
We have a view like your first picture at a path near our house and I actually took pictures of it today while I was walking. I think I am feeling nastalgic because this will probably be my last fall surrounded by so many trees.

Renae said...

Ike is so funny. I showed Avery. Miss you guys!

Laney said...

I get fall anxiety too. I feel like we have to go on a drive every Sunday so we don't miss anything.