Sunday, October 16, 2011

lucky duck zeb.

I think that Zeb had one of the best days of his life this past weekend.  Here's the proof.  He slept in the full ensemble you see pictured here.
 We stopped at a random yard sale on the way home from the gym on Friday and stumbled upon these beauties.  Little kiddo Nike Shox.  Zeb has wanted 'real adult running shoes' (that's what he really calls them) for AGES now.  Only I wasn't about to shell out 30 dollars for shoes he'd outgrow in less than a year.  We got this pair for ONE dollar.  And I think they are almost brand new!!  they are one size too big- but that just means he can wear them for more than a year :)
He honestly has not taken them off besides for church. Two nights now he has begged to sleep in them!  It's so funny to see him pose in them- and stare at them. He keeps running around the house as fast as possible and then asking if he's faster than the time before!  He's convinced that they make him '100 fast'.  And in case you were wondering- that means faster than Lightning McQueen.

Kent had Saturday off- so we tried to pack in as much fun as possible.  We went to a fall festival and Ike was obsessed with the basketball game.
 The rugrats both loved racing kent on the triple slide.
 and Zeb must have just been having a lucky weekend because at the festival he ended up winning this pumpkin sugar cookie.
 Although Ike was just as happy about the sucker he ended up with.
 Saturday night we did a little more post birthday celebrating- and went to a corn maze with a bunch of friends (thanks for the pics, Kera!!) . The maze was ridiculously big and we had so much fun.  We're missing  a few people in the this picture- but here's part of the group.
It was so fun to get out with friends and withOUT kids.  After the maze we went for bbq and had the most delicious fried dill pickles.  I don't even like fried foods- but fried pickles are one of my favorite foods!
 And then we went to the world famous 'Graeters Ice Cream' for dessert. I was totally stuffed- but Kent ordered Cotton Candy Ice cream. SICK.  I seriously asked him: "Who orders Cotton Candy ice cream?!"  Well, apparently the other Pediatrician there that night got it, too.  We decided it must be some pre-requisite for Pediatricians.  Here they are with their most childish grins and blue ice cream cones.
I think we are going to take our kiddos back to the corn maze sometime in the next few weeks!  We still haven't done a pumpkin patch this year- and this place had a hay ride, cow train, play area- and all sorts of other great stuff.  I guess some stuff is still fun with kiddos :)


yaya said...

What a fun weekend and good food too! Graeters is the best icecream but I prefer raspberry choc. chunk. We can get it in the grocery store but at 16.00 a 1/2 have to really want it! Maybe you could score some at one of those fab garage sales..those shoes are too cute and what a great bargain. I need to go with you!

Nate and Jessica said...

We recently found out that Smith's carries Graeter's. Got some in the freezer right now!

HowellAZ said...

Looks like fun - I have not been impressed with corn mazes in my past experiences, but it looks like you guys had a great time!
I love that Zeb is wearing his 'new' shoes to bed - hilarious!

Susan said...

I LOVE Graeter's!!! So yummy!