Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kent worked on Sunday and we were going a little stir crazy after church so we ventured out for a 'hike' to Carriage Hill Metropark.  I thought the kids would get tired- and I could get some pictures!  Zeb kept calling it a hike- but it was more of a nature stroll.  And they kept complaining about their legs being 'sooooo tired'. 
Here they are 'battling villians'.
I don't feel like fall is quite as vibrant this year as last- but we found a few great patches of colors in the park! This was my favorite spot!!
We spent a lot of time tossing rocks in the stream.  Zeb and Ike could do it for HOURS.  Although they did keep asking me to 'skip rocks like dad does'.  I'm not quite as good as kent is when it comes to quite a bit.  They tend to miss him especially much on the weekends.  I do, too.
This whole residency thing has been just about exactly what I anticipated.  Some things are MUCH easier -than I expected- and some things are harder.  Kent's schedule hasn't been as bad as I'd imagined. I can't stand the weeks when he works 8 or 9 days with no break- but at least some of those days are early days and he's home around 4 or 5.  Since he works on a new rotation every 4 weeks- we don't have to deal with really rotten schedules for longer than that.  He usually alternates between easier and harder rotations so we get a reprieve every other month!  I've totally lucked out with Kent being home most Sundays and Holidays- although I'm sure that isn't lasting forever!

The rugrats are very resilient and just deal with his change of schedule.  Every morning when Ike wakes up he asks if kent's coming home to sleep or if he just left to work.  
And Zeb asks Kent if he's being 'nocturnal' or 'normal'. It's pretty funny.
On our walk -Zeb spotted this little guy. I can't figure out how he possibly found the thing! but I was pretty excited.  I haven't seen one in ages!!

The boys wouldn't hold it for some reason- but I brought it along with us for awhile.
It was a pretty nice Sunday distraction and the kiddos got out some of their energy.   But I'm looking forward to the next few weekends - Kent has a bunch of time off!

and this last picture is Zeb's favorite. I think he's going to be a naturalist :)  He found this mushroom and found great joy it digging it up!  and then he threw it into the road and watched cars run over it.


yaya said...

Beautiful pics! Those boys are the cutest. I'm glad Kent's time is going good. Our color came and went so fast and all this rain and wind is taking care of any leaves left!

Michelle said...


I love all the cute things your boys say - they are so smart and observant and curious. I just love them!!

Justin and Jules said...

It's all about nap time and movies!that's when its my time to craft and I always paint outside so the kids run around and don't bug me:) I'm super jealous of the fall you are getting! Although I don't mind the 80s that we are still having :)

Renae said...

GREAT pictures Leisy. What an awesome "hike". That mushroom is huge.

Kali said...

Leisy! These fall pics are gorgeous!! And look at your little men! They are so handsome!

Justin and Jules said...

As we were driving around today Cohen all the sudden burst out, "MOM!! I saw Zeb, let's go play with Zeb". Awe... if only :) I wonder who he did see that looked like Zeb, it would have been interesting to see what he looked like!

brittani c. said...

Your photos keep getting better and better. Did you get a new lens? Your shots are so crisp. I'm totally photo envying right now. :)