Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Conference weekend was nice and calm at our place.  But, for whatever reason- the weekend always makes me especially homesick.  Even more so than holidays!

Saturday wasn't too bad! we ran some errands in the morning and made it home in time for the noon session.  And then enjoyed the two sessions as a family.  The rugrats did a really really good job this year. For the most part I got to enjoy every talk. We had a few activities for them- but mostly they were content to just sit and listen while playing with cars and trains.  The more I tried to force an activity or game- the worse it got- so we quickly changed gears and had a pleasant watching experience.

Sunday the boys did just as good- but Kent was working and I felt like we were trapped in our house for twelve hours with no relief!!  and it may not look like it- but our house was FREEZING that morning.  It had gotten down to 35 that night and we aren't turning on the heat yet- so we just bundled up.  The kids stayed in footie pjs until 3:00. And actually we got to go over to a friends house for the four o'clock session and watch with them- so the day wasn't THAT bad.

Ike is so funny right now. Everything is so exciting to him. He turned around in this picture to tell me: "I love this one!!"- in reference to Henry B. Eyring.
And here's Zeb trying to be grumpy. Even when he's angry, if you tell him you can see his smile- he can't help but start smiling and laughing!  It's a pretty nice tool to have when he's grumpy.

On Monday- for family home evening- the rugrats got haircuts. They needed them SO badly.  And thanks to some bribery- it was our best haircutting experience yet.  Kent is a pro at giving them the buzz- so he did the honors.  Here's the result!

I love the age of four.  Zeb gets better and better every day.
 age 2- I don't love so much.  Ike did one of his library freakouts at a bookstore this past weekend and I am so glad that Kent was around to remove him. Maybe it's just books that incite this kiddo?!  When he finally calmed down enough to talk- we asked him what was wrong- what exactly he wanted so badly. He replied: "I just want to be angry!".  He reminds me of me.  Kent laughed and just looked at me when he said it.  I think I've said that same thing on more than one occasion.
 He's a lot like me in his excitement as well. He gets excited about pretty mundane everyday things. Here he is showing his excitement about his trains.

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Michelle said...

1 - Your candy countdown halloween deco is so cute!!

2 - I am SO impressed that your boys listened to conference.

3 - Love those boys so much!