Sunday, November 6, 2011

the blog where halloween happened a week later than everywhere else.

 Okay- so really- it's just the blog where I didn't post about Halloween until a week later than everybody else. Lame-o, I know.  Last week was crazy nutso.  With preschool, swim lessons, teaching my classes, subbing extra classes, a church activity, and halloween itself- I just wanted to sit and veg when I actually had a moment to spare.  I'm really grateful that while Kent is experiencing the busiest three years of his life- I just happen to be crazy busy as well. It's a lifesaver for me.

Halloween was 100% perfect. Somehow Kent had the full three day weekend off?! not sure how that happened- but don't get too jealous- it's just helping to make up for his HORRENDOUS holiday schedule. three full work days on the next big three holidays. We won't go into details so I don't get too depressed :)

The weekend of Halloween we had parties like crazy :)  The church trunk or treat was INSANE. Kids EVERYwhere. There are so many kids here!  There are seriously THIRTY kids Zeb's age. And possibly more in Ike's age group!

We dressed up as a family and had so much fun.  Although I got really homesick for Toledo that night.  I sure miss that place and the people.
The boys got matching face paint.  Purple butterflies?!  I have no idea how that was decided.  I'm going to blame it on the young women doing the painting :)

After the trip around the parking lot- Zeb was SOOOO done and wanted to go home.  Ike asked if we could make another round.  One of these kiddos is a lot like his mom and the other a lot like his dad.  Take a guess who's who.
Saturday morning we woke up early to do the neighborhood costume contest/parade. It's a pretty big deal. Our neighborhood is HUMONGOUS.  Like 2000 houses or something.  and guess what?!
We won (in our category) and got these nifty sweatshirts and walked in the parade.
  Although we are pretty lucky that we pulled off the win.  This kiddo would NOT wear the top to his costume without a major scream fest- so we entered with a headless hot dog :)
 These rugrats were pretty good sports to put up with heir parents' shenanigans, though. It was a cold morning with a decent wait to be judged.  It's all about forcing fun family memories, right?

When all was said and done- Ikey actually wanted to stay and get more candy and listen to the marching band.  Why do I love crying pictures?!
On halloween evening we did the trick or treating thing.  The neighborhood right above ours goes ALL out for the night.  Haunted houses in garages- scary scary displays- and tons of candy.

The kids were MORTIFIED by most of the garages.  Kent tried getting them inside a few- but they started shrieking when he got within ten feet.  We loved it.
 Check out Ike's face.  So funny.
 Zeb got to trick or treat with his pal -Barrick- and loved it.  I love Zeb's double chin in this picture.
 I love Halloween.  We get to make fools of ourselves and eat lots of candy and have fun together.  What could be better?


Amy and Craig said...

looks like so much fun and a great place to live!

yaya said...

I seriously need to move to your neighborhood so I can decorate my garage and scare the pants off everyone! What a fun time. I love that they all get into the spirit of things. Great costumes too...your family looks really cute! I will admit though, I'm not sure I would have gone into the clown garage..I hate clowns!

Dave and Michelle Howell said...

I loved the comment about "forcing fun family memories"! We've done that a few times.

Lyndsay said...

I love love the costumes--I need to know how you pull off these costumes every year because you're not a seamstress, right? I'm not and I think it severely limits my options.

Justin and Jules said...

Some years I am really good and coordinate costumes like you did, but this was not one of those years. Good job for doing it every year! And AMEN to the crappy holiday schedule. Justin is on call Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve AND works all day Christmas. Let's just say there have been some words said and tears. I can't wait till next year, he get's the whole week off in Radiology!

Delaps said...

Great costumes. I have missed Toledo this fall too. I love trick or treating in downtown perrysburg with all of our friends.

boysmum2 said...

the costume are awesome, where did oyu get them? Did you make them or what?

Annie O said...

We taught you well on the forcing family fun. Yes, I do believe it is a Howell family tradition. (You will have fun damnit)

Anonymous said...

i am dying laughing on ike's face. lol! i love crying/scared face photos, too. i don't know why myself.