Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Worst blogger ever award goes to me.  I've been busy- which is great- but no excuse not to blog.

In the weeks preceding Halloween we did a lot of fun stuff.  

ghosts and goblins race downtown.  Kent worked that night so I got a sitter and ran it with friends!  

thing #2  took the kiddos to the pumpkin patch.  rode the cow train and the hayride out to the pumpkins.  in the freezing cold.

 Zeb is upset here because he wanted to ride the red tractor- but the green one was coming to get us.

 we even shot off some corn cannons.  the boys loved it.
 Thing #3.  went to the police station for a preschool field trip.    the boys loved that as well.

Ike totally think he's a big kid.

Thing #4 watched some cool storms pass through.  I love these clouds. although they did make me a little nervous for a minute.

 I took a gazillion pictures. I love storms in the midwest!!!  Can't wait for the snow and ice!  especially since we have a garage this year  :)

 There were some pretty cool funnel holes that went straight up these clouds!!


dockters said...

Those clouds are FREAKY!! I have never seen anything like that! Crazy.

And you look too darn good to be pregnant. Seriously unfair!

boysmum2 said...

awesome clouds

Kali said...

Those clouds are creepy!!! If it were spring and I saw those at our house I would be peeing my pants! PS do you like how I am now constantly commenting on your blog?? You are now in my blog feeder. If you want I can add you to our private blog. What is your email? That way I won't feel like such a creeper:)

Kali said...

I am a dork. Email me at kaliponder@gmail.com :)

Delaps said...

I love those cloud pictures. They are amazing!It looks like you should be heading for cover.

Jason & Shannon said...

Those clouds are intense! Zeb & Ike are so darn cute!

Linz said...

Whoa, those cloud picture are amazing!

Justin and Jules said...

I think I would not be taking pictures but hiding in my safe place if I saw clouds like that! They look super scary!

Robyn T. said...

Leisy, those are THE coolest cloud pictures I have ever seen! And your family is super cute as always!

LauraJ said...

Amazing cloud pictures!!

Amy and Craig said...

our clouds look like that a lot too. Freaks me out.