Wednesday, November 30, 2011

one of my greatest loves.

Growing up I remember going to the Orem rec center- a lot.  We swam, ran around the raquetball courts, and played on that terribly scary basement track.  And I loved going! I hope that my kids grow up with similar memories of the YMCA.  It is such a lifesaver to me.  I LOVE the Y.

Yesterday Zeb finished his first round of swim lessons there.  I'm not sure why we never signed him up before- but I had a free session coupon that expired this month that we finally decided to use!  I was a little nervous because he can be a bit of a water chicken (probably because we NEVER go swimming!), but he was a champ for his lessons.

 It's amazing what other people can get your kids to do.
Kent got to come and watch a lot of his lessons with us and Zeb loved that. After diving in- or going underwater- he'd always look at Kent and give him a big thumbs up with a goofy smile.

Too bad he always wants to go swimming now!  I really don't like to swim at all.  Hopefully Kent can take him a few times during his break after Christmas.
Besides the pool- both kiddos LOVE the playplace at our Y.  It's kind of like a giant McDonald's playland.  And it's the PERFECT bribery to get the kids to go to the gym on mornings when they aren't so excited to go!  If they promise to go into the kidwatch and behave- then after my workout- they get to play for awhile on the slides.
 I love it because they can run around and get more energy out while I talk to friends :)

sidenote: Over the black friday weekend we finally got ourselves a new point and shoot camera since ours broke during the move somehow!  hopefully it will get me back on track to blogging more often.  So far I LOVE it.


Delaps said...

your mama claus lady is a little scary looking. I miss the Y! Enjoy it for us too. I can't wait to joing a gym again.

Justin and Jules said...

So that kid in the picture with Zeb looks a lot like Cohen....weird. I totally miss the Y. Golds is all about getting buff and hot where the Y is all about getting healthy! Someday, I vow to be close to a Y!

yaya said...

That Y is way better than ours! I haven't been in ours in a bit, but I'm sure yours is way better! Those boys are so cute. I'm surprised you don't like to swim. You love the outdoors so much I would think that would include the water. Oh well, you kiddos are so cute and I'm glad they will know how to swim.