Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm not going to lie...

Honestly- it wasn't the best thanksgiving I've ever had- but our day was still great!  we had dinner with some great friends here and ate a lot of fabulous food!  I missed the Starkeys (our Ohio family)- and family from home- but most of all I missed Kent!  He worked a 7am-9pm shift at the hospital.

Luckily the day was pretty quiet- so we got to spend some time at the hospital with him.  We had dessert in the cafeteria and hung around in the resident's lounge for awhile.   The boys think it's quite exciting to visit kent at the hospital- so they had a great day!
I made some fabulous raspberry/blackberry cream cheese pretzel salad that the rugrats wouldn't touch.  I loved it.  It was supposed to have fresh strawberries or raspberries but they were 3 and 4 dollars a container. The blackberries were an insane 50 cents/pint so I bought a bunch of those and used them in several recipes this weekend :)
Kids can be such good reminders of positivity and good attitudes.  They were oblivious to the fact that this Thanksgiving was different.  And in fact- had the best day.  Even though Zeb did tumble down a full flight of stairs at our friend's house!  Our kids only fall down stairs when Kent is away!!  It has got to be my least favorite child injury.  It always makes me think my kid is going to die even though they appear unharmed.
The hospital was completely decorated for Christmas- and that really made Zeb upset. He has been CRAZY frustrated with the fact that people didn't decorate for Thanksgiving.  We hadn't mentioned anything about it- but he's so particular.  Every time we went somewhere with Christmas decorations- he'd ask us REPEATEDLY why people were ignoring thanksgiving.
As we were leaving the hospital we saw these snowmen out front.  Ike screamed: "Mama!  let's take a picture!!"- and then wouldn't budge until I got out my camera. He's definitely my kiddo.
Worse than having Kent gone Thanksgiving day was definitely the fact that he had to work black friday!!  I love the excitement and exhaustion of it.  I love all of the people and chaos.  Luckily Amazon saved the day and we got our 'big ticket' item via the internet.  Plus I did get up semi early friday and lug the kids around to five or six stores with me.  It's a lot harder to shop for them while they are with me. Zeb is far too bright these days.  I don't think this Santa thing is going to last much longer.


Nate and Jessica said...

That is so funny that he was so upset about people not decorating for Thanksgiving. What would he think of your mom's Christmas decorations hanging around all year??? I made that jello too!

yaya said...

I'm not going to lie..We missed you all too! It was just 4 adults and 2 kiddos this year since Craig and family went to Chicago..traitors! But we still love them...It looks like you did enjoy the day though. Zeb would have loved all my Thanksgiving decorations. We don't decorate for Christmas until the turkey has his day!

Michelle said...

Love you guys!

I want to know what you got from Amazon! :D!

Justin and Jules said...

I totally feel for you! We were not able to visit Justin at work because it was too crazy. But the great thing was that there was this drug rep that brings in a thanksgiving like meal for those working that day every year, so nice of him. I'm sorry you got to miss out on the chaos of black friday, maybe next year :)

boysmum2 said...

My 2 have a cousin or is the same age, so if I buy nayhting in thier age range I just say it is for him and they seem to accept this, but xmas they seem to ahve forgotten that it was meant for aomeone else! Sure it will backfire on me eventually! Happy thanks giving to you all