Friday, May 4, 2012

days 2, 3, and 4.

I think it was Zeb and Ike's dream come true vacation.  A hotel, super friends, racetracks, legos, and lots of fun.  Pure heaven.

We drove to Indianapolis and partied it up for three straight days!  we are big fans of to get fabulous hotels and super cheap rates.  Unfortunately this time the listed pool was an outdoor pool and not open yet.  Kent was the most disappointed!  the boys were happy with baths.

and free fruit loops and waffles for breakfast.  I think Ike ate six of their oranges in the few days we were there, too :)

The best part of indy was the great company!  Lindsay and kiddos were fabulous tour guides!  the past few times we've been to indy I've been running a race of some sort and we haven't been able to enjoy the sites.

First stop: Indianapolis Children's museum.  The biggest and best in the USA (or so they say!).  It did not disappoint.

Check out this crazy lego car!!
and the dino dig.
Sam and Max are pretty close in age to Zeb and Ike and they've all known each other since birth so they make for great playmates!
I loved the Chihuly exhibit at the museum.
the water stations were a hit with the boys.

Here they are making music in Egypt.
we had a total of six kids and several people commented that we were probably 'pretty busy'.  Seeing Lindsay with her three boys made me a little jealous that I don't have my own little trio of boys!!

Luckily this metta is getting more and more fabulous every day.  I'm pretty satisfied with her.

one day we got to take a driving tour of the Indianapolis speedway where the Indy 500 is run!  the place is HUGE.  I had no idea the track was over two miles. 
look at these buddies.  I hope they can be roommates at BYU one day :)
The boys loved it and picked out toy race cars to take home.  I think most people that come here are major nascar fans but everything I know about racecars involves Lightning McQueen and Mater.

one of my favorite part of vacations is food. For the past three weeks I've been on an almost entirely vegetarian diet.  LOTS and LOTS of fruits and vegetables.  While it's been great- and I feel great (albeit a little hungry)- I sure have missed meat.  We decided to make up for it in Indy. One night the dockters made us J-Dawgs (from the provo hot dog stand) and one afternoon Lindsay watched all three of our kiddos while we went to Fogo de Chao- a really fancy Brazilian restaurant! there was so much meat I thought I'd die.  Check out how long this piece of meat is.  They just kept piling the most amazing tender and fresh pieces of meat onto our plates.  I could only take a bite or two of each piece.  I don't love red meat- but the parmesean encrusted pork tenderloin was one of the best things I've ever tasted.

I can't wait for the day when we get to have a big reunion with all of my wonderful friends in Toledo.  Have I mentioned how wonderful my friends from Toledo are?!  thanks again, Linds (and Eric!) for the fabulous three days!!


Michelle said...

Awesome! So fun. Cute kids!!

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, and Josh said...

So fun. I love all of the pictures - my favorite is the towel pic. funny boys.

dockters said...

Max asked this morning when Ike was coming over. Thanks for letting us be part of our family vacation!! We absolutely loved seeing you all! Come again!

Justin and Jules said...

Amen to that, I would LOVE for a reunion! I miss our fellow Toledo's SO much!!! I'm jealous you got to hang with the Dockters, they are some of my favorite people! Oh, and while you may be jealous of our trio of boys, just know Lindsay and I are dying to have a girl :)

yaya said...

Your family is so cute and Metta just adds the sugar and spice to that group! Looks like a great vacation and it's so nice to regroup with good friends! Oh, and I always told people that I had one boy and 3 attempts at a girl!