Saturday, May 26, 2012


Last week we made a weekend trip to Buffalo to visit Laney and Taylor! Taylor graduated with his law degree and urban planning masters.  Woohoo.  congrats!  even more congrats that you got a job :)

Kent had to work and couldn't come (LAME!) so my WONDERFUL parents flew here to Dayton and then drove with the rugrats and me to Buffalo.  Thanks again, mom and dad! I'm not sure I would have made the trip alone!!

Milly was OBSESSED with Metta.  Here they are at their first meeting.  I wish I would have captured metta's face at a better angle.  Milly couldn't get enough holding, kissing, (s)mothering, hugging, etc.  Since the boys are usually pretty hands off with metta- I think she was a little shell shocked by all of the love.

I can't wait for my little sis, metta, to have her baby girl!  the cousins will be an even 3 girls/3 boys!

Of course I got lots of pictures of the kids- and very few of any adults.  But I promise we were all there and had lots of fun and ate lots of delicious food.   
There's this greek restaurant in Buffalo called Pano's and it's AMAZING.  We go every time we are in town.  If you go to Buffalo- it's a must.

Here are the boys having a peeing contest.  Nothing like peeing with your cousins.  Ike is telling me: "STOP! we need privacy!".  It's his favorite thing to say when he goes to the bathroom.

During the actual commencement exercises- I stayed home with all of the rugrats.  Because who wants to go to an almost three hour graduation with five toddlers/babies?!  NOT ME!

Zeb and Henry are such good pals.  Laney lives directly across the street from the Buffalo zoo so we wandered over for awhile while everybody else was at the graduation.

I love this picture. It makes them seem so grown up.
Growing up my cousins were like best friends to me- so I hope my kiddos can have the same relationships with their cousins!!

Here's an actual graduation photo from the big event.  Too bad it's a tacky kissing picture :)
My boys (and laney's kiddos) love when Nannie Annie and gramps are around because it almost always means a hotel with a pool.

and it also means lots of Mcdonalds (much to nannie annie's chagrin!).  I've always associated Mcdonalds with grandpa- and I think my kids will, too.

we went on walks through old historic buffalo to see the frank lloyd wright houses and go yard sale shopping!  I found a super fabulous yard sale with GREAT baby girl clothes.

Zeb loved sitting on Taylor's shoulders and being seven feet tall. literally.
Overall there was just lots of good times. and I am still trying to catch up on sleep!!  I'm so glad that my sister lives close enough for weekend trips!!

We miss everybody already!!


Hutch Y. said...

That first picture with Metta and Milly is hilarious.

Justin and Jules said...

YEAH for a jobs!!! I'm glad he was able to find a job in this market. Are they moving somewhere different now?

yaya said...

Congrats to Taylor! I love all the pics and I think your kiddos are all on the way to being best friends. Enjoy the visit with family...I did laugh at the peeing contest. I remember those days when my boys did that..wait, maybe it was just last week? Just kidding!