Tuesday, May 15, 2012

soccer season!!

 the Ymca.
We just finished our spring soccer season and the boys had so much fun.
Our team- the coaches- everything was awesome.

 Here are some of the teammates.  We are so lucky that Zeb and Ike got to be on the same team!
 Before every game- the kiddos had to recite a ymca good sportsmanship pledge.
 This little Zeb was amazing. I think he scored several times at almost every game- and really got competitive.  We played two teams that were incredibly good for peewee soccer- and we had several conversations about how soccer is more about fun and exercise than winning right now.  Zeb isn't crazy althletic- but his competitive spirit more than makes up for his lacking athleticism.
 Here he is in a breakaway about ready to score!
 He chose number five because he's SOOOO excited to turn five in a couple of weeks.

 Ike is such a turkey. He was definitely the smallest kiddo on the team (just turned three) but he weaseled his way around players and managed a goal or two this season.  and he LOVED his pink cleats.  Cleats in his size are almost impossible to find- and I wasn't about to spend a lot of money to order some. Luckily we found these pink diamond encrusted beauties at a yard sale for one dollar.
 These kiddos get more and more fun the with age!
We can't wait for fall soccer!!


yaya said...

They look so cute! You go guys! I love soccer and really enjoyed it when our boys were little. Jack and Craig played for about 7yrs..Phil and Jord only did one season..they didn't like playing but do enjoy it now. It was really great when Jack and Craig played on the same team. Both were super good players. Hope you enjoy every second with your cuties! I love the pink soccer shoes too and with such a good buy you can't go wrong.

Michelle said...

Yay! I love seeing them in their soccer mode, because I know how important it is to them and how much they love it. You get such great pictures!