Monday, May 7, 2012

 I have the coolest kids.  they are so funny. and totally weird.  Today Zeb and Ike were in the car having an argument about who loves whom the most.  Zeb says he loves me way more than Ike loves Kent.  Ike loves kent "super 100" and Zeb loves me "super above infinity".  Kent says Ike wins because Zeb's number isn't real.

Ike is such a goof ball.  always making funny faces and saying the weirdest stuff. If you ask him what his name is- he'll say: "Ike Miller poopy pants".   He knows just how to push the limits and even though bathroom words are off limits- I can't help but giggle when he says it.

This is our very favorite Ike face.  I tell him to act surprised or excited and this is what he does.  so so funny.
Zeb is being such a good brother to metta spaghetta. He always asks to hold her and loves to make her smile.   Isn't this picture so stinking cute?!

he reads books to Ike every day and is such a champ at cleaning. I love that he can clean his room and the toy room all by himself.  And he's such a good teacher to Ike.  He loves to be the big brother boss.
and this metta.  So so cute. and so so good.   We were so spoiled with our two baby boys that her nasty weeks almost did me in.  There were only about four of them- but those four were ROUGH.
 She's totally chunking up- finally! and that means she's sleeping better at night! no more midnight feedings.
 She's also spoiled rotten and has never worn the same outfit to church more than once.  That's ten dresses. and I'm sure she'll get more when we go to buffalo to visit the Hawes :)

 I tried to get a picture of her little fuzzy head here. Her hair all fell out and is now growing in like perfect little peach fuzz.


Annie O said...

I love them all supper 100 x super infinity. SO cute. Can't wait to see you all next week!


M- your favorite said...

THEY ARE DARLING! I can't even say how much I love them! You are lucky to have super cute and good kids! They are all keepers! LOVE IT!