Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial day SCORCHER.

 This is the 'crazy eyes' face metta made when I told her we were going outside to a bbq for Memorial day.
 It was ridiculously hot. Record breaking. Hotter than almost any other place in the country.  Here's another set of her 'crazy eyes'.

and here's how she actually coped with the event.
and the boys coped with water.   I just sweat off a few pounds- which made up for the pounds of delicious watermelon I ate.  We went to a super fun barbecue at a friend's house and had fabulous food.  Check out the post after this one for the recipe to the KILLER souvlaki (homemade marinade, naan bread, and greek yogurt dill sauce) I made.  It was amazing.

 I promised myself I'd get a picture of me with the kiddos- or with my food- or SOMEthing.  But I didn't.  Kent's leg is holding Metta here.  He had to work both Saturday AND Monday of the holiday weekend- but he got off early on monday and made it to the barbecue.  Honestly- the hours of residency can be pretty crappy- but they don't bother me all that much unless it's a holiday.  and then I get a little grumpy. I've got to work on that!  my rugrats' behaviors/attitudes directly reflect mine.
and here's miss metta chomping vigorously on kent's finger.  We're 95% sure she's teething. Zeb had just gotten a tooth at this age.  And this girl has turned into a slobbery chewing and spitting monster.

And here are some super cute picture of our ragamuffin.  every day she gets better.
here's some slobbering evidence.

 I've really got to get a better backdrop for her when I take pictures.  My hideous bouncy chair just isn't cutting it!!


yaya said...

The water slide looks like tons of fun! Great pics of that cute red head Metta! I looked at your recipe and it looks really good. I love the naan bread too. You can officially by in my Greek side of the family!

boysmum2 said...

what an awesome day it looks like you guys had. She is so cute, sleeping through it all.

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, and Josh said...

that bucket picture makes me laugh

Philip Oswald said...

There is definitely a red tint to the hair of Miss Metta.

Laney said...

I think you should buy one of those waterslide things.

Michelle said...

O MY!!! LOVE the crazy eyes. So hilarious! :)

You always capture such fabulous moments. Thanks for letting us have a glimpse of Kent's leg. haha.

BEAUTIFUL children ... we know they came from beautiful parents. ;)

Love you and miss you! Glad you had a great Memorial Day.