Wednesday, September 12, 2012

grass and the New Carlisle taco truck.

I took Metta outside to experience grass yesterday. she didn't even notice.   I was hoping for some really funny faces. I thought for sure she'd be clawing at it or cringing.  Nothing.  
She just scooted after every leaf in view.
and then ate them.  we are in that diaper phase. Where every time you change a poopy one- you find all sorts of treasures. Hair, leaves, paper bits.

Also yesterday we had a water leak. I got out of the shower to find our 'under the sink pipe' spewing water at me.  I threw towels all over the floor- and ran to the basement in search of the water main.  Not the best thing to figure out in a water emergency.  Word to the wise- figure out where your water main is BEFORE you need it :)  Luckily I found it pretty quickly.  And then our water was shut off all day until it could be fixed last night.  No water meant I couldn't possibly prepare dinner- so we had to go out. So we FINALLY drove out to New Carlisle to eat at the legendary taco truck.

Holy frijoles. Purely delicious Mexican food from a lady who handmade the tortillas and spoke no English
I'm just sad it's 15 minutes away.  it was truly heavenly. we promise to take visitors!!
When we pulled up, Zeb became rather irritated and begged: "can we please go somewhere with food from America and NOT from Mexico?".  His suggestion was McDonalds.   Surprisingly this little munchkin gobbled up the pork on his taco!!  He wouldn't touch the tortilla and informed us: "I do NOT eat plants" in reference to the cilantro and lettuce, though.  I was just ecstatic the picky rugrat ate the pork!!
The weather right now is heavenly.  It was so nice to just enjoy an evening outside without it feeling like a dishwasher!!


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Laney said...

Milly never fit into that shirt as well as Metta does. She was entirely too fat.

yaya said...

I'm with Zeb! (although I will eat plants!) I wouldn't let a kiddo eat grass never know where Eddy has been!