Wednesday, September 19, 2012

world's coolest park.

 Kent and I love to explore new places and try new things.  Yesterday he had a post call day and we decided to check out 'Centerville'.  It's a cutesy/ritzy little suburb of Dayton that we hadn't really been to before. We had a groupon to a local sub shop there- and we thought we'd find a great park for the kiddos. Both turned out GREAT.

This park was huge.  It was a 'handicapp' accessible park so they had some cool swings and unique equipment and a great bouncy turf pad instead of wood bark to walk on!
Right now when I'm out with the kiddos I have a goal to shoot only in manual mode on my camera.  That means I choose aperature/shutter speed/ISO, etc.  It's so easy to get lazy and shoot in auto- but I'm trying my best.  It was IMPOSSIBLE at the park!!  the sun kept moving behind clouds and then back out- there were crazy shaded spots- and some in direct sunlight- plus the sun was a crazy orange color because of the sunset. And my dang kids never stopped running!!  pardon my blurry or extra bright or strange photos :)

This slide was made entirely of long blue rollers.  It was nutso. and pretty uncomfortable.  the boys loved it.
 Kent was obbsessed with 'sway fun'.    He was trying to get the boys really excited about it.
and I loved the twisty-whirly thing. Kent thinks I look like Ike here.  He must have gotten his crazy faces from me.

 this morning Ike was awake when Kent went to work and Ike told him: "Dad, I don't want you to go to work today- maybe mom can go to work and you can stay home everyday".   Kent is the world's best dad- and I am often jealous that he gets to go to work everyday- but overall I've got a pretty good and easy life.  For now I'll let Kent work those ridiculous and stressful hours :)
 Metta is such a turkey when I pull out the camera.  She knows I want her to look at me and smile and she likes to make it impossbile.
 What do I do about the little tufts of hair that shoot over her ears? should I trim them?!  I guarantee she isn't going to be sprouting a big head full of beautiful long hair anytime soon- so I'm not sure what I should do.  It's looking a little ratty.


Justin and Jules said...

I say keep it all evened up until she really starts growing some hair.

HowellAZ said...

Looks like fun! Jett saw your picture where you were hanging upside down and asked "and what's that guy doing?" I think you being upside down threw him for a loop - rest assured you don't look like a 'guy'! ;)

Annie O said...

Wish I could have been there at the park with you all. What a great day. And you're a great blogger!

Michelle said...

Way cool park! I love your crazy "Ike" face. hahaha! Extra love that you and Kent play on the park with your boys and enjoy it just as much. :)

Metta has a very pretty serious look.

M- your favorite said...

CUTE! Holy you did look like Ike! LOL! Yes trim it up until hair starts coming in! Love that girl!

The Jackson Family said...

I got the clippers out with my girls! I little buzz can't hurt! She does look different without that cute bow!