Wednesday, September 26, 2012


 Ike has changed A LOT over the past few weeks since Zeb started school.   I had no reason to be nervous about him adjusting to Zeb's absence.

When I picked him up from nursery on Sunday- the leaders told me the last few weeks he's been a new little boy.  He's turned into the 'leader' of the class and is correcting his teachers by rewriting his name the way HE wants.  I have been trying to get him to write his letters for MONTHS. Apparently he has been paying attention but just didn't want to cooperate for me.
He loves his time at the gym as the 'big kid'.  He loves that he has his own 'school'.  He loves car time with just us.  And he loves lunchtime with me.

Yesterday I got after him for stepping on Metta - and he got this terribly sad little face.  He told me I had  hurt his feelings.  I grabbed him and hugged him and asked; "did the hug help?". He shook his head no.  I kissed him and asked; "did the kiss help?".  He shook his head no again.  And then he got this sheepish little grin and squeeked; "I think a kit-kat will help".   And thus the little fat rolls on his belly.
I sure love him.


Annie O said...

Squeeze those cheeks for me! He is so darn cute. I'm so sorry I'll miss the party in Buffalo next month but I'll send gifts.


Michelle said...

Haha! So cute! Kit Kats really are a cure-all. Love his darling smile!

Jason & Shannon said...

A kit-kat would make me feel better too! What a smartie-pants!

Amber and Travis said...

He looks a lot like Zeb in that last picture! Smart kid for solving problems with chocolate!

yaya said...

Don't you just love when you get the time to really know you're kiddos one on one? He's really a cutie and I still think Metta has the prettiest lips around! Love the pics in the previous post!