Sunday, September 9, 2012

popcorn festival.

this weekend we went to beavercreek's popcorn festival!  For some reason all of the festivals around here have names like 'popcorn festival' and 'pretzel festival' and then they don't really have all that much popcorn or pretzels.  We did get a bag of fresh kettlecorn, though. and it was tasty.

and Kent HAD to try the fried funnel dog. gag.  hot dog fried in funnel cake batter.
 the real reason we went was because I'd read about the big 'kid zone'. An area where they have all sorts of games and rides that only cost a quarter a piece.  That's my kind of festival.  Zeb and Ike LOVED the obstacle course inflatable.

Ike wore his Superman shirt all day. even to soccer practice. and to bed.
 fair food is so outrageously expensive and heart attack inducing that I can't bring myself to feed everybody.  So we ate at wendy's instead.  Equally as unhealthy- but at least cheap!  
Kent took Metta on her own festival rides in the backyard. She HATED it.
she was begging me (with her eyes) to save her.
we also had our first soccer practice this weekend.  The field was MUDDY. and zeb took a dive that left him very unhappy and pretty darn dirty.


dockters said...

I think the fried funnel dog looks good!! How was it, Kent?

And I love...just love that Ike wore his superman attire everywhere. Such a cute boy.

yaya said...

Speaking medically...there's something just not right about that fried hotdog..Love the superman shirt, because there just aren't enough super heroes in the world!

Annie O said...

Wish I could have been there with you all! Love that look on Zeb's face with the dirt--I can relate.