Sunday, September 16, 2012

teeth, spinach, and the air force half.

When this girl opens wide- people gasp.  They can't believe the little six month munchkin has these eight monster teeth.
I think Zeb was chowing down on steak at this point- but Metta is kind of a lame eater.  She has finally figured out how to swallow instead of spit it all back out at least!

and if I can get her to laugh- I can shove extra big spoonfuls in.

I'm doing all homemade baby food this time around!  Today's selection was a sweet potato, butternut squash, and spinach combo.  Any fabulous baby food recipes/combo suggestions?  we are trying to avoid most fruits for awhile so that we can get a lover of veggies.  Zeb and Ike are picky eaters- and my goal is to get Metta to be a great eater.  I'm crossing my fingers.
and I just love this picture. she's so stinking dramatic.  she actual clenches her fists and pounds them when she gets angry.

This weekend was my big AIR FORCE race!  I just did the half- but it's my favorite distance ever.  Still a good challenge- but also still FUN!  It's always great when I love the run :)

The weather was AMAZING.  Possibly the best race weather ever.  started at 47 degrees- finished at 65ish.  It was a beautiful morning.   
they had a pre race B2 flyover.  These aircraft are pretty creepy looking flying overhead! and they had Giant American  flag parachuters jump out over us!  It was a really cool and very patriotic start.  I loved it.

I ran with friends and loved every minute!  I am such a social runner! it's all about getting in a good run and a good conversation :)

The course runs mainly on the actual Air Force Base and is really pretty.  At mile six we had a little scare, though.  Several guys in uniform came running through all of us screaming that we had to turn around and go back.  We thought for sure there was a security breach or some sort of threat.  I thought our race was over. Turns out the entire half marathon race has been lead off course somehow!  there were six THOUSAND half marathon runners!  how that is even possible I don't know.  Apparently we added a half mile or so to our race.  Some people added even more!  some of the slower runners behind us didn't add any.   There were A LOT of mad runners and people cussing.  I giggled.  So- I'm not sure of my official distance or time- but I had a good race and loved it.


Annie O said...

I LOVE that you wore your BYU tshirt in the race. Way to make a statements that says I AM A MORMON and support the team on their game day :(.

That dramatic Miss Metta is so adorable. Can't wait to see you all again.


Anonymous said...

I was one of those half marathoners that went way off course, but I have no idea where I got off course or exactly how I got back on course. I've been trying to figure it out, so I can figure out how much extra distance I ran. It sounds like you were lucky and got directed back to the half marathon course fairly quickly. I think I almost took the marathon course around the north side of base area A! Is there anyway idea you can identify and post more about where so many runners went wrong? Btw, congrats on your great race!

Kent and Leisy said...

I just talked to a friend who placed in the top ten for the half- he said the first five or so runners went the correct direction- but the spacing was so big between the next group- that the next bunch didn't see them and just made a wrong turn. It was between miles 3 and 4 at the fork through the golf course. Poor marking and direction at a fork. The rest of the half marathoners just followed the wrong way runners and it all went amuck from there! some halfers just ran the loop backwards and didn't have any distance issues- but some panicked and decided to turn around- which caused the entire race to have to turn around!!

Amber and Travis said...

One of the teachers at school said she went a mile off course. She still had an amazing time with the extra mile! She was a little upset because she said it would have been her best time ever.

I love how dramatic Metta is! I am sure it isn't fun to hear, but I love seeing her angry pictures. She is adorable!

Michelle said...

Way-ta-go, Leisy!

Anonymous said...

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