Sunday, June 9, 2013

barbecues, barbecues, barbecues.

I saved these pics as the wrong size so they are a little 'grainy'- but I love them nonetheless.

Summer so far has been PERFECT.  the weather is divine still.
We had three barbecues this weekend.  and Kent made it to every single one.  I am one happy lady.  

Metta was obviously ecstatic, too.  We actually inherited one of these little roller coasters from friends leaving the country (this one isn't ours) but Metta can't get enough.  She can set it up and ride it all by herself even.  I think she'd be happy to ride it all day long.
Zeb is about to lose tooth numero dos.  That big stinking permanent tooth coming in from the first loss is going to shove all of the other ones out.
 Summer so far having Zeb home has been perfect.  We are all signed up for the summer reading program and he's so good to do some of his minutes reading to Ike and Metta!  Perfect big brother.  I think it's pretty great that my first born is inclined to follow rules and be kind and choose the right.  He's a great example to his siblings.
 Ike and I are growing increasingly more similar and therefore clashing more and more.  One of me is enough.  Luckily he's still all about fun so we can usually find a mutual happy place.
 Metta had to taste every piece of chalk - and it really stressed out our pal- shelby.  Sorry about your chalk, shelby!    I really think Metta put twenty or so different pieces in her mouth.  She literally eats toilet paper, too.  Pica?!
 we had s'mores at the fire pit.  There's a family of Millers in the ward that might as well be our 'real' family.  We get along with them so well :)
 I really really want a fire pit!!
 Metta sat on their dog like she was riding a pony.  Luckily chewie is a friendly dog!!

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Michelle said...

HA!! Metta on the dog is hilarious!

That fire pit is way nice - what a fun night!

It's so fun to see your kids' personalities develop (through your awesome blogging skills). I love and miss all three of them so much!

You and Kent are such naturals at parenting.