Friday, June 14, 2013

sticky fingers.

 Miss Metta has sticky fingers.  Just ask any of her friends or MY friends or the kidzone workers at the gym.   Her favorite items to steal are sippy cups and electronic devices.   She even snapped a 'selfie' on a friend's   i-pad at church on sunday.  It's been posted to facebook.  If she looks hot and bothered it's because the lesson was about reverence and she took offense.
She's basically a teenager already.  Luckily I just read an article stating that research indicates touch screens are helping toddlers with fine motor skill development.   She's also exhibiting teen tendencies with her love of clothes.  She LOVES nightgowns.  Luckily I found a yard sale with enough nightgowns to last until she's at least five.  really.   Her favorites are the ones with animals and princesses.  RIDICULOUS!!

I feel like she's grown up a lot in the past few weeks.  She is a real person and even thought she doesn't say many words- she sure can communicate :)   People are constantly commenting about how social and friendly she is.  At church she'll wander the aisles and greet families as they come in!  She'll also reach for random strangers at the grocery store and park just so she can give them high fives or honk their noses.


Annie Oswald said...

she's your sisters' child (Laney AND Metta). Can't wait to see you all. We're gonna party. I thought we'd do one giant b-day party for all the kids and now I know what to get Miss Metta--more nightgowns! You know Milly is insisting that Daysa is going to throw her a princess party.

See you in ONE month.

Jill Pierce said...

She is sweet and friendly, just like her mama! :D

Michelle said...

LOVE how social and friendly she is!