Wednesday, June 5, 2013

John Bryan State Park

Kent was post call yesterday (worked all day monday and all night monday night)- so got home at 11 on tuesday.  He'd only had one delivery through the night and was semi rested so instead of napping- we opted for an adventure.   We went hiking to John Bryan State Park just up the road :)

this picture is terribly quality light wise- but it is the perfect Zombie baby picture.  Kent and I always joke that metta looks like a zombie as she toddles aimlessly with he arms outstretched.    Perfect example.  watch out- she'll eat your brains.
we obviously need a baby hiker/backpack thingy.  She had a lot of fun but slowed us down :)
she even looks like a zombie when she rides on kent's shoulders.
the weather has been PERFECT this week.  Highs in the upper 70s.  Cold mornings.  no humidity.  could this be the world's best summer??  I have a feeling it's short lived but I am going to savor every moment.
I put a clip or bow in her hair everyday.  it only lasts for a few minutes.  and then she looks all ratty or mullety.  just a few more weeks and I think we'll be able to make a pony tail on top.
our little shrieker.  She didn't want Ike sitting on her rock.
I think metta looks so much like zeb did at this age.  When I went to zeb's kindergarten graduation- all of zeb's classmates told me that metta looks JUST like zeb.  I agree.
we found a little cave to explore and the boys were totally unafraid.  We've made some progress in the past year. They used to be terrified of caves!  Ike did keep asking about spiders- but he never asked to get out :)
Her little pointer finger had to have been tired after yesterday.  she used it for everything.
the only picture with me in it.
trying to jump over the edge.

this bridge started making Kent a little nervous.  Kids just don't get danger. No regard to boundaries or edges of heights.  My kids are not worriers.  and neither am I-so usually it's not a problem.
until Ike starts acting like a mad man and Kent gets a little stressed out.  This is when he ordered us all off the bridge :)

I remember growing up my dad would get us as close to the edge of things as possible and then take pictures or video of us.  I distinctly recall him telling me to go past the signs that read "do not go past this point. Danger".  And obviously we survived :)
As much as Kent' schedule can be a pain- it is nice to have a random afternoon off with him now and again :)


Amber and Travis said...

I literally laughed out loud when you said Kent "ordered" everyone off the bridge! That is totally something that I would do! Travis is going to be the ones telling our kids to go past the danger sign while I freak out!

Jill Pierce said...

LOVE these pictures! It was super fun seeing you at the library last week. We should schedule some more fun together soon. :)

Michelle Jenson said...

I think the Lord sent me cautious/clingy children for a reason...

:) Cute kids - glad everyone of them is still safe after that bridge experience! haha.