Tuesday, June 18, 2013

fairborn splash pad.

This girl is pretty serious about her sippy cups.  
The longer her hair gets- the redder it appears!  People stop me at stores and comment on it!  I'm really glad that I got a little redhead. Unfortunately it came with that pasty white skin :)

I teach at two YMCAs- and on Mondays we head out to Fairborn so I can teach there.  There's a splash pad and big playground attached so our summer plan is to swim and play every monday after class.
Metta got all excited to run into the water- and then panicked when she got a few drops of water on her.
so she stayed on the benches with me.  I love this picture.
We swam with a few pals- but don't know these two kiddos standing up.  They were begging for me to take their pictures all morning, though.  The little girl was even doing poses whenever I got out my camera :)

The water was really cold- but the kiddos enjoyed it.  We are doing outdoor swim lessons at the local aquatic center and the water there is FREEZING there as well.  My kids don't even flinch.  They just jump in and enjoy themselves.
the baby monkey with the red hair!  I got her this bathing suit at a yard sale when I was pregnant with Ike.  Glad I finally get to use it! I also got the outfit she's wearing in the top pic at a yard sale this week (girls are way more fun to dress than boys!).  Ohio yard sales are amazing. and I'm obsessed.   For sure I have hoarder tendencies.  Luckily I only buy books and kids clothes. usually :)
Metta is FEARLESS on the playground. The most fearless of all our children. She makes lots of mothers nervous.  I try to just let her learn without falling off edges of tall equipment.  Why is it that playground structures are full of steep precipices and no guardrails?!


Jason & Shannon said...

We had the same problem with Evie. Freaked me out, and I felt like a helicopter parent at parks because apparently guardrails are too much of a nuisance to put in...? She grew out of it, became a little more cautious, but it sure was scary until that happened!

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, Cora, and Josh said...

Meta looks SO grown up in these pictures! I am so excited for Monday splash days.

Jill Pierce said...

That splash park looks so fun! Let me when you are going back again.

Erin said...

She is so dang cute! Lovin' the red!

Amber and Travis said...

Metta is getting so big and grown-up! I love her on the slide with her tongue out! Maybe I will get to go to the splash pad sometime soon!

Michelle said...

Love that cute Metta! She and Krystal can compare skin color next time they are together -- :)! Krystal is proud to be a "whitey-marshmallow style". Bless their hearts (and mine too - I'm still white as heck even with a layer of tanning cream on!) haha.