Wednesday, June 19, 2013

bucket list check offs.

The older my kids get- the more fun summer becomes!  
And we totally lucked out to have some extra family members the last few days to make it even more fun.

we knocked a few items off our summer bucket list: firefly catching and swedish fish italian ice :)

Rita's Italian Ice is one of those places that you crave.  You can get this dessert where they layer custard with their Italian ice and it's UNREAL.  Their custard is to die for and their ice is out of this world.  Like the most amazing snowcone you've ever had- only better.  and when you mix the two- Holy Smokes.
they have flavors like strawberry starburst (the pink starburst flavor that's everybody's favorite!), sour patch kids, and swedish fish!  I LOVE the mango, too.

you can tell who got the swedish fish flavor.

the fireflies are in full force right around nine PM so we've spent a few late nights out in the back yard doing our catching!
It's pretty great that fireflies are so easy to catch :)  

this bright circle is a firefly lighting up right in front of my camera!   Every night when they reappear I get excited.

The weather this summer has been spectacular so far.   It has made it so much more enjoyable!!


tiffany said...

i work with a nurse who has a daughter that just opened a ritas here in vegas my mom and i went last week and were instantly hooked

last saturday we were comeing home from angies place and in st george we got a slushy it was gross i will only get ritas ice its amazing

yaya said...

Looks like it's shaping up to be a great summer! I showed some of my work buddies your kiddos pics and they all said the same thing about Metta...look at the beautiful red hair! All of your kids are adorable!

Michelle said...

I have GOT to get one of those yummy snowcones - I want the swedish fish flavor AND the pink starburt flavor!! With custard? YUM - O!

Fireflies are the coolest. Oh - how I wish I could snap my fingers and be with you guys for fun Summer activities!

Kids grow up so dang fast!