Saturday, June 14, 2014

the party continues...

I feel like I've just had six Saturdays in a row!  Non stop busyness and playing and getting important stuff done!  Kent had his last week of vacation and it couldn't have come at a better time!

First off- we took a mini vacation to Cincinnati/Kentucky.  To Zeb and Ike's favorite place ON EARTH. The Great Wolf Lodge.  Honestly, I don't love this place.  at all.  But since the kids (AND kent) love it SO much- I'd be a terrible person to rain on the family parade.  I put a smile on my face and off we went!

Metta is a water baby.  ALL of our kids are pretty amazing in the water considering we don't get in it that often. But metta is a whole new level of water lover.  
The girl has NO fears.  She went on all of the BIG slides with us.  including this crazy toilet bowl one.  it was NUTSO fast and had some pretty big drops.  
the wave pool and lazy river were two of her favorite things to do.  she'd jump the waves and laugh hysterically.  And in the lazy river she thought she was doing the swimming.  She's a natural.  And this trip is going to make watching her brothers' swim lessons from the side of the pool even more difficult than it was before.  

Before we let them jump in for the first time- we took a picture.  metta could barely contain herself.

The boys LOVE hotel time.  it signifies a 'true' vacation.  Although having them sleep in the same bed leads to late nights and giggle fits.

morning donuts.  also another indicator of a 'true' vacation!
this little picture of metta may be what led to our shirt cutting catastrophe of yesterday.  While the boys were playing a game of magiquest- metta and I checked out the kid activities in the lobby.  She sat and cut paper for 45 minutes.  and LOVED every second of it.  Look at her little tongue hanging out of her mouth :)

pictorial evidence of her cutting fiasco.  But honestly- I'm just glad it wasn't her hair.  I would have cried for sure.  and it my defense- it was a pair of kid scissors- out amongst other school supplies that were being packed!  She was reprimanded with a voice of serious disappointment and looked like this for at least five minutes.  we made her throw the shirt away.  let's hope she learned her lesson.  Although I have my doubts!  the real question is whether or not I learned MY lesson.

at every great wolf lodge- they have this strange game called magiquest that cost an additional arm and leg to play.  this is what the boys chose to do with the cracked piggy bank money.  You get this really great wand and you run around the hotel doing all sorts of quests and special things to earn coins and badges and whatnot.  Kent and Zeb and Ike loved it.  So much in fact- that they didn't get as much done as they wanted- so when they fell asleep at ten PM- Kent went back out to earn them a bunch more tokens so they could play more 'quests' in the morning! such a good dad.

I've got so much more to post!! and not nearly enough time to get it finished!!   but my next post is all about our adventures at the creation museum. and you don't want to miss that one!!

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