Monday, June 2, 2014

it's official!

eek.  Last week Kent called me with the news that our official Air Force orders were made and given.  Flights from Seattle to Japan had been booked.  He scheduled movers to come and pick up our things.  I got a little queasy and shaky when he told me.   We'd heard so many horror stories of assignment changes and base denials- that we've been more stressed about waiting for orders than we have prepping for the move! and now they are HERE. REAL. and so concrete. just 4 weeks to go.

we've been trying to figure out all of our travel logistics and it's been a little CRAZY!  we've got to drive to St. louis to drop off our car. fly to utah. then later to Seattle and then finally catch the military 'rotator' to Yokota Air Force Base in Fussa, Japan- a suburb of Tokyo.  The rotator is a commercial airplane contracted by the military that flies military and dependents straight to the base- rather than into the Tokyo Airport.  

The flight leaves the US at 8 am wednesday and lands in Japan 7 am on thursday.  We've got to somehow get the kiddos to sleep on the plane (our daytime) so that we can try to stay awake an additional 12 hours once we land!  it's going to be slightly nutso. luckily we have to spend the night in the seattle airport before our flight.  I'm sure that will guarantee a pretty lousy night's sleep and give us reason to sleep on the plane!

oh, and to add to the chaos.  we found and have arranged to buy a car once we arrive in Japan!  it belongs to a member of our church there who is moving back to the states when we arrive.  Used cars on base sell pretty cheap- and I think we struck gold!  Japanese cars are required to pass rigorous inspections to stay on the road- so cars last a very long time and most people on base drive old inexpensive cars and then pass them on to newbies when they head out!  here's the beauty we are planning to buy.  2000 odyssey. 77,000 miles. 800 dollars!

With all of the changes and planning- I've been a little forlorn thinking about leaving my wonderful life here in Ohio.  Ohio has been home to our family for seven years. Ohio is all my children know.  I have LOVED it.  every last moment here. 

So, I'm trying to replace my sadness with excitement!  I really am so excited to explore a new place!  I remember my first few months in Russia when everything was so new and shocking and foreign.  I can't wait for that experience again!!

Here are some pictures of base- and nearby!

Mt. Fuji from the airstrip.

apparently the parks are unparalleled!!  obstacle courses and all sorts of fun! our kids are going to be in HEAVEN! this park is just a few km from base.
 this is a giant roller slide down a hillside!! it's not too far from where we will live, either!
 Hitachi seaside park in the fall!
White Cloud Mountain- not too far from base!
It all seems so adventurous! and I have to remind myself often lately- THAT (along with the promise of no debt!) is the reason we joined the Air Force!  To live an adventure.
p.s. we want visitors!!


Rachael said...

do you want a place to sleep that night?! We have cots and a little more privacy than an airport. :) But maybe your flight times are crazy... let me know!

Sheri said...

I'm excited for you, Leisy!!! Best wishes on your journey!!! I miss you on BEHALF of Ohio. :) Go show them how it's done in Japan. :) Give your kiddos hugs from me and tell them I say hi.