Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Creation Museum and Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives!

Since it opened its doors a couple of years ago I've been DYING to go the Creation museum.   I love science and I love God.  I like to consider myself an Intelligent design evolutionist.  I have no problem with the fact that my spiritual beliefs and scientific knowledge coexist happily.  I taught evolution from a strictly scientific perspective in a public school classroom and I was excited to see the opposite end of the spectrum.  The museum did NOT disappoint.

Just as you walk it- you are met with a life size diorama of this.  People mingling with dinosaurs!  It's pretty shocking right off the bat.  Even though I believe in the biblical creation- a lot of the information here was downright absurd to me.  Overall we had a great experience- but did some explaining to our kiddos!

I LOVED the insect exhibit! insects are some of my favorite of God's creatures and the displays were impressive.
everything in the museum is so detailed and new and impressive. the animatronic people were very life like!

Some of the exhibits actually made me chuckle out loud.  I mean no disrespect-  I just think the ideas are a real stretch.  This explanation that does away with the idea of Pangea was one of them.

Log rafts left over from 'the' flood that created barges for animals to cross oceans?!
and the ideas that dinosaurs WERE present on Noah's ark.  The displays explained that they were baby dinosaurs and easier to manage that way.  they became extinct later due to new conditions after the flood and being hunted by humans.

This is a diorama of people suffering during the flood.
I think the scientific evidence proving the geological time scale and dinosaur life is pretty solid.  Biblical history explaining dinosaurs- not so much.
Although our kiddos did love the dino exhibit.

there was an entire section of the museum devoted to 'calamity and confusion'.  It was kind of dark and pretty scary.  We rushed the kiddos through quickly.
The grounds of the museum were incredible.  There are botanical gardens, bridges, and a petting zoo.   Admission into the museum is REALLY pricey but the kids were free until the end of 2014- and Active Duty military are free- so I was the only person who had to pay!
we really enjoyed shaking the bridge while metta was on it :)  she dropped to the ground and screamed like a wild little monkey for us to stop!!
Metta thought the petting zoo was pretty stinky :)

that camel licked my hand and I was totally grossed out. metta was pretty nervous at first, too- but then loved it.
I'm really glad we made a visit to the museum!  I wish we could have been there a few weeks ago when Bill Nye was visiting for a 'friendly' debate on Evolution vs creationism!  that would have been amazing!

Our final stop was 'Terry's Turf Club'.  A small little bar/diner in Cincinnati.  Guy Fieri featured their burgers on 'Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives' so we HAD to stop.  Kent and I really love food :)

   the boys' faces in this picture are pretty amazing!! as were the burgers and fries.
although VERY difficult to eat.

we had a fabulous mini vacation!  I LOVE exploring the places we live.  That is the reason I am MOST excited for the move to Tokyo!! SO much to see and do and taste!!

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Amber and Travis said...

"The World's not safe anymore." Creepy! Looks like an interesting place! And I can't get over that little Miss Metta! She is too funny! In the last picture Kent and Zeb are twins!

I am excited to see all of your Tokyo adventures!!