Sunday, June 1, 2014

Zeb-a-deb-a-ding-dong is SEVEN!!

I feel like every year the birthday of my first child is always the most shocking and significant to me.  It's the one that ages me.  Reminds me just how long I've been at this 'mother' thing.  It proves I've been an adult for that many years now. 

So today is the day!  I have a kid who is SEVEN!  when in heaven's name did that happen!???!!
Happy Birthday Zeb-a-roo.

Here's a quick walk down memory lane.  Pictures on or within a few days of his birthday each year of his life.  

Day 1.  Life was so simple back then :)  I had literally taught the last day of school for my high school Biology students that morning. I was so glad Zeb waited until I was finished with the year!!
                                                             FIRST birthday.
Kent was away for a month and a half military training and missed Zeb's first birthday along with his first steps :)  So- we took a pic with his air force tie and american flag to send to him!

2nd birthday.
He was OBSESSED with Thomas the Train.  truly obsessed.  so I made a thomas birthday cake for him.  and he LOVED it.

3rd birthday.
Zeb had a pretty bad terrible two's streak- so his 3's brought a lot of greatness :)   and he was ADORABLE.
 4th birthday. 
Zeb is our fastest and most engaged learner.  He was already reading pretty well by this age.
 5th birthday.  
Sometime this year we got a wii. and ALL he wanted was mario cart. Gramps got it for him for his birthday and he was SO excited.

 6th birthday.  
He graduated kindergarten just a couple of days after his 6th birthday. He really grew up this year and became a 'real' person.  My kids get better and better with age! 
and TODAY. 7th birthday.
Happy birthday Zebaroo!!
All he wants for his birthday is his two front teeth!  he's lost all four front teeth and one is just starting to come in up top.  He's just entering that age when their teeth start to come in too big and crooked for the faces!!  and they start to lose that adorable 'baby' look.   He's growing up.

Zeb is a stellar kid. He's smart and kind and funny, too (have you heard his great jokes??).  He's super responsible and  I'm convinced he could keep Ike and Metta alive without the help of Kent and I until all the food ran out in our house!!   He's the absolute perfect first child.

He's been so excited for his birthday the past few weeks.  I was worried that he had some sort of grand idea of a gazillion presents or a big party- but when I asked him why he was so excited, he replied: "because I'm going to be SEVEN!!!!".

After church today we opened a few presents and he had a birthday donut.  He's as happy as a clam!
Although yesterday he did stress us out a little when he stated he was "sure he'd get at least seven presents because he was turning seven".  He also told us "it's not like I need 38 presents like Dudley Dursley".
  Ike and Kent ran to the store yesterday to make the count a perfect seven.  They picked up a pack of gum, a box of his favorite cereal, and the donuts to make it seven!
He was pleased. 

a joke book and magic kit from grandma and grandpa! and a skylander (bouncer the giant) from the family!
 metta had a pretty hard time with the fact that the presents weren't hers.

Happy Birthday big kid Zeb-a-leb!

And just to make sure and embarrass him for future years- I have to include a story of what happened with him last night!  we were out at a church conference and a babysitter had them all to bed when we returned.  Just as we were about to go to bed around 11- I heard crying from metta and the pitter patter of footsteps upstairs.  

Apparently Zeb has inherited Kent's sleepwalking.  Which also happens to be sleep-PEEING. Kent found Zeb stumbling out of metta's room where he found her crying and COVERED IN PEE.  Zeb had entered the dark room thinking he was in the bathroom and peed THROUGH HER CRIB SLATS!  ALL over her face, body, stuffed animals, blankets, etc.   Kent ruined a closet full of board games and peed in the front yard in his sleep when he was about this age!  AHHHH!  Hopefully this was Zeb's first AND last sleep peeing experience!  POOR METTA!!  


Amber and Travis said...

I am so glad that you included that last story! I am literally crying from laughing so hard! I can just imagine the scene!

I love that little Metta! I would want presents too!

Regan Butler said...

Poor Metta and poor Zeb. We are a family of sleepwalkers, talkers and cooks but this one takes the cake. Happy birthday Zeb. We will sure miss the Kent Miller family.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have known you better, sooner. You are such an awesome family, and Kent, you really married well:-). I have so enjoyed Sister Miller's sense of humor in the mission correlation meetings. She makes the meetings fun while getting a lot accomplished. We will certainly the Millers. I hope your next ward appreciates you as much as we do.

boysmum2 said...

I too suffer from this every Sept when Ben has his birthday although I think I am now getting it with the youngest too, as he turns 9 tomorrow!!