Sunday, June 8, 2014

party! party! party!

I'm in complete party mode.  I want to have play dates and barbecues and friends over and girls nights and every other party possible.  this past week has been a fabulous start!! and with kent on vacation this week (weird timing, huh? right before we go on 4 week leave!) we are going to PARTY IT UP.

We really are busier than EVER. here are just a few of our happenings.  

Zeb's first piano recital.  This kid is a pro.  He played three songs.  When he announced himself- he also announced that he'd be playing all three pieces with his EYES CLOSED.  totally an over achiever!  You can barely see his closed eyes and intense determination in this pic.

taking his final bow.  such a weirdo.

the after party :)  food with 'the other millers'.
I'm so glad we got him started in piano lessons.  He really enjoys it and has a talent for it!  Just today in church, Kent played an arrangement of "Because I Have Been Given Much" for a musical number during Sacrament meeting and I LOVED it.  It is such an amazing talent and I hope my kiddos get it from their dad.

This picture is on my phone from church.  My pal- Jackie- sits with us every Sunday and chases metta when she escapes.  She also holds metta and tickles her back to keep her still!  She is pretty much the best church buddy anybody could ever hope for.  There's already some serious discussion about who gets her when we move!!  we are trying to figure out how to get her to come to Japan!
and I had to document this momentous occasion.  Metta attended her very first princess party.  I think it's the girliest thing she's ever done!  and she really loved it.  She's learned the word 'pink' recently and actually uses it appropriately!  she still puts trains and cars to bed at night and pushes them around in strollers- but I think her inner princess is making it's way to the surface!!

and this last set of pictures is hilarious.  Awhile ago Kent bought me a piggy bank with no plug.  I'd always wanted one that I could actually break open- and Kent found it in Nicaragua back in med school when he went for a medical mission!  We've been adding coins to it SLOWLY.  and even though it wasn't actually full- we decided it was NOT worth moving around the world - so it was time to crack it open!!

We decided to let the boys go at it and use the money on our mini vacation this week!

They have been SO SO EXCITED.   you can see it in their faces :)
they each took about three whacks  -

and did the final big whack together.  
the insides were SUPER musty and stinky.  Our entire house smelled like metal and dirt.

The most exciting part was counting out the money!!  and I have to say- we did pretty well.
Just shy of $60 dollars!!  I'll have to take pics of our adventures this week!!

hopefully we have A LOT of them!!


Annie Oswald said...

WAhoo! Can't wait to see you all in just a few short weeks. Great idea with the money. But if you had brought it to Utah we would have kept it for you. :)

yaya said...

I can't believe your Ohio adventure is over! It sure seems like just yesterday you were newbies to the Buckeye state. It's been fun watching all of you grow up! Enjoy your fun week and good luck with the packing! I'm sure you'll post again before the move but remember that you are loved from the bottom of this Starkey's heart! (the top too!)