Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's already time to get back to normal life?

I know, I know- we are lucky that we actually got all of this time off together. That is definitely one of the benefits of Kent being in school forever- we still get long holiday breaks. I am in denial that the time has come to start getting up before six AM again or that Kent is going to be gone for the next five months from seven AM till late late late (he's got boards coming up at the end of the semester) or that in four weeks another rugrat is coming.

It's taken the FULL past four days to try and readjust to Toledo life. I went running yesterday for the first time in twelve days and I am so sore today. I also have been reminded at just how emotional I get at the end of my pregnancies-really, it's been bad. I'll attribute it to the fact that I've been reminded by more than one person that I've gotten "really big" lately- wouldn't that make just about anybody emotional? Also, somehow Zeb came back a toddler instead of a baby. He is talking like CRAZY and can recognize and name all of his abc's. He definitely got spoiled over the break and is taking the return to real life at home the roughest. We've experienced his first full out leg kicking, arm flailing, head banging tantrums since being home.

Welcome back.

Oh, and here are some shots of zebby opening up the present that we didn't have room to take with us to utah. We got it on super clearance last year after christmas for six bucks! TMX (tickle me EXTREME) elmo. Zeb is AMAZED that it can fall over and get back up by itself. He just sits and watches with jaw dropped in amazement.

Is it just me or does the first picture make it look like Zeb is hydrocephalic? Zoom in and look at how long his head stretches back- creepy.


yaya said...

Welcome back to the Ohio! What is it about Elmo anyway? We have a guitar playing, leather jacket, biker Elmo that sings a stupid song that has been worn out by the grandkiddos.( I hope to bury him in the creepy woods soon.)Hope you're feeling good and all goes well in a few weeks.

dockters said...

4 weeks!! Is that it?!? I am so excited for you guys! We are here to help with Zeb however we can!! Sam would love to have a sleepover, should baby #2 arrive a little early!

Linz said...

Sorry your're not feeling well! I hope it gets all back to happy soon! Take care!

Pat and Brent said...

It's so hard to get back to reality. And your reality is going to get quite crazy. I don't know anyone else who could handle it as well as you though.

That picture must be a weird angle or something. I love Zeb's perfectly shaped head. He's such a cute little smarty pants!

M- your favorite said...

WHAT?!? He throw a fit? I don't know if I should laugh or think ooh no. But I can't help but to chuckle to myself because Zeb can't throw fits. He is to cute for that! I miss him so much! I want you to chant ZEBBY, ZEBBY! I love him!

Michelle said...

I'm with M. Zebby is not capable of throwing a tantrum! Tooooo cute. :) I love him. I love him. I love him!!! He is so fun and smart and sweet and adorable.

Good luck with your crazy "back to life" schedule. You're in my prayers.