Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas eve morning I woke up with a not so happy early present. My blasted temporary filling from the gaping hole in the back of my mouth fell out (no, I haven't had the work done yet because I am waiting on the insurance approval) and was causing me MUCH pain. Just breathing in cold air made me cringe. My mom called all the dentists she could think of and got me in to see a guy down the street who just happened to be in his office doing some emergency work on another patient. He gave me another temporary filling and then sent me on my way FREE OF CHARGE! yet another Christmas miracle! I would NOT have survived the rest of our trip without a fix.

Christmas Eve is probably my favorite part of the Christmas season. We spent the first part of it with the Millers in Spanish Fork and enjoyed a delicious dinner and program. I didn't get a single picture!! Zeb loved playing with his cousins and listening to all of the piano playing and singing.

At my parent's house we had our traditional pixie pal evening. The presentation of our homemade gifts is always a momentous and climatic occasion. Of course, I got NO PICS. Daysa- you must post a picture on facebook of you in your t-shirt, please!

Christmas morning we woke up to lots more freshly fallen snow and a continuous flurry of flakes all day!! Zeb loved playing outside in it.

The morning was so fun with Zeb this year! He had quite the train Christmas and could barely contain his excitement most of the day. Kent and I also got a lot of great stuff (thanks a zillion moms, dads, sisters, etc) as well.

Kent even got me the coolest thing EVER. I got the ped egg. Some of these tv advertised products just reel me in. I've wanted it for ages and absolutely love it.

The day was so nice and relaxing. We had a another great dinner and had a lot of fun playing the highly inappropriate new wii fit game- "Raymond's Raving Rabbids". Being in Utah was so nice! I'm afraid it isn't going to last much longer- but I'm really glad we ended up making it back this year.


Cynthia and Steve said...

Oh man, sorry to hear about your tooth (I was wondering about that). So glad that dentist took care of you free of charge- definitely a Christmas miracle!

Pat and Brent said...

We're all very happy you made it out here. It was wonderful to have you for Christmas! It's so nice to see you in person and to experience Zebby in all his cuteness and smartness! We love you guys.
Kent's buff condition was amazing to see. He's not a scrawny little kid anymore!

Dhoffs said...

I love hearing about your adventures--reading them is almost as good as hearing them in person (I still remember that I-15 story from way back in the day). On a totally unrelated note, Max and Zeb have the same PJs! Love them.

Tanner Mills said...

SIIIICCCKKKK!!!! that foot dead skin thing! i have seen those commercials and they are gross!

Amy and Craig said...

I got the ped-egg for my birthday and love it! it's so cool! Sounds like you had a great christmas and a wonderful adventure up to Idaho Falls. I'll have you tell you guys about our tire blow outs on the way out to NY after BYU. Maybe when I'm out this summer in UT. your mom said we'd conference call you guys and reinstate a sunday dinner at the oswalds!!