Wednesday, December 31, 2008

home sweet home

We made it back to Toledo today in record time! Our flight was completely flawless. Zeb was a gem. We landed AHEAD of schedule. Our baggage was the FIRST off the luggage carousel. Basically it was a miracle.

As soon as we walked into our building, Zeb was ecstatic. Besides searching in every room and asking for daysa (my little sis)- he seems to be so excited to be back! I miss family terribly already but I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed.

Tonight for New year's eve we plan on putting Zeb to bed and sitting in front of a good movie with some good food. Nothing sounds more appealing right now. I highly doubt that we'll make it to midnight though.

I really want to get at least some of the pictures from our Christmas vacation posted- seeing as how this blog is our family journal. You'll all have to bear with me as I rehash the past week of our lives.

One of my favorite Christmas activities was the Provo River Christmas Cruise. This year's event did not disappoint (thanks mum and dad!!). We rode a rickety bucket of death freezing cold floating raft down a small section of the provo river that was decorated with Christmas lights. I know that this is a terrible picture- but it was the best I could get. The best part of the "cruise" was the approach of Santa on a canoe! He handed out candy and lots of "ho-ho-hos".

Even the little kiddos (including metta, daysa, kate, and penny) loved it.

It was a little chilly and very snowy- but we were prepared! I cannot believe the amount of snow that Utah got! My parent's house was INSANE. I loved it. Afterwards we partied at brick oven with the cousin's discount :) Thanks mills! My favorite picture of the night is this one of little Hank and Daysa. Check her out in the background. Really cute, Days!


the Kprows! said...

Haha! I can't get over the pics on this page. First of all the two identical looks of wonder and amazement of Hank and Zeb on the river cruise. And then below that the two growling smiles of Metta and Daysa! You should tell them for me that they are very talented. And of course that pic of Daysa with the noodles. Now that one is a keeper for sure!

Mann Clann said...

Leisy-Your baby Z is the cutest little boy ever! I wish I could have watched him grow. And another little monkey?! Good luck! Mine drive me so crazy everyday. The two plot against us now. (hehehe) I miss you guys!

Jason & Shannon said...

Hey, I know you'll get this. Will you text or call Janna, or my mom and tell them to check Janna's email. If not, you can tell them we are here safe. Thanks!

Linz said...

Happy New Year and congrats on the miracle flight!

Dave and Michelle Howell said...

"a rickety bucket of death freezing cold floating raft down a small section of the provo river" that sounds like an Adventure. We'll have to join you sometime!

Mark and April Sullivan said...

I love that your family does things like the Provo River Christmas Cruise... I always would see that rickety thing on my runs down there and wonder if anyone ever took that thing out for a spin... apparently they do! I'm glad your trip home went smoothly, but reading about your flight from hell was hilarious! I had a similar flight a few years ago... I was fine but I think the lady next to me was ready to lose her mind... poor lady. Anyway, good luck with the new arrival!!! Can't wait to see the little one!