Saturday, December 20, 2008

ready or not- here we come!

Our flight leaves tomorrow after church! I'll probably not be blogging quite as regularly over the next ten days- but I'll give it my best shot.

Here's the rugrat in his "new" bed after his nap today. I think he really likes it. As long as we put him down with a book to read- he doesn't get out. He reads himself to sleep- or cuddles with his stuffed animals until he zonks. He is such a funny little guy.


Cynthia and Steve said...

hailey saw this pic and kept saying "That's my friend...that's my friend." Then she said, "He wants a pretzel."

Erin said...

Good luck!!! I hope we bump into you guys.

Susan said...

Glad he seems to be adjusting to the bed. Maybe I'll run into you while your here, like at Target or something!