Tuesday, December 16, 2008

our first storm!!!!

The first big storm of the season also probably means no seminary tomorrow! It's always nice to have a surprise morning off. The schools around here all have "2 hour delays" the morning after big storms or on really foggy mornings. I'll have to check the internet early tomorrow to make sure- but I'm betting a delay is the case.

Zeb LOVES the snow. He watches it and laughs and smiles. He's so dang cute.

Let's hope the snow clears out before Sunday so that we don't have any crazy flight delays on our way home! We have had the WORST flight luck over the past year- and I was hoping these cheap direct flights had broken the bad trend.
This is Kent writing now - I thought as I left school today that some day I will be somewhere warm during Christmas time and there won't be any snow to scrape off my car windows!! It was kind of depressing. I loved walking out of the school after a long day of studying to snow whipping around the parking lot in the freezing Ohio air. I love this time of year - especially when it snows!!


M- your favorite said...

Look at his face! he is so happy! It's to bad he can't be outside this winter.

Michelle said...

Kids love snow. I have outgrown that phase. haha. It IS beautiful. I'm so grateful to have a garage this year so there is no more window scraping for us! Haleluah!

Here's hopin' for clear skies come Sunday!

Pat and Brent said...

Hi Kent
Is was so good to hear form you this morning. It was snowing while I was talking to you today. I had to go out and clear the snow off the drive way. It is step so it's hard to drive the car up if it has snow on it. It will be so good to see all of you for Christmas. Lots of fun!

boysmum2 said...

I miss the Ohio snow