Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today we had our first successful doctor's appointment since Zeb was six months old! It must have been a combination of factors- but I am happy to say that we left the pulmonolgist's office ALL SMILES. He smiled and giggled with the doctors and nurses! He told them about his shoes and trains and even thanked them without prompting from me. They were all quite impressed. I have the smartest best baby ever.
I am so glad that we've been able to find a good plan for his asthma. It has made our lives so much less stressful. Also, because of Zeb's eczema Dr. Reddy decided to order a blood workup to test Z for a giant list of allergies. Too bad we didn't know this last week when he had his basic blood work done! It will be really nice to know about his allergies though.
And since I didn't get any good pictures of Z today- I just went and tried to get one of him sleeping. Apparently the flash was too bright and woke him up. Oops.


Dave and Michelle Howell said...

He looks like I feel in the mornings! Poor, sweet baboo.

M- your favorite said...

His eye brows are the best! He is not a happy baby! i love that boy!

Dreierpartyof six said...

Ooo, baby boy! This is a great blackmail shot for later. He is such a pumpkin! Congrats on the Dr. appt.