Thursday, December 4, 2008

Here you go alicia m. I'm really bad at getting around to these- but here goes.

Seven things I can do

1- talk. I have the gift of gab.
2-blog. I have been an avid journal writer for years- the blog has sort of taken over.
3- teach. it is one of my favorite things in the world to do.
4-run while pregnant. love it.
5- laugh at completely inappropriate times.
6- find good deals, freebies, sales, etc.
7-get addicted to ridiculous tv shows like "Real Housewives of Orange County" and "Project Runway"

Seven things I can't do
1-eat just a few m&ms.
2-keep my mouth shut when people act ridiculously.
3-go to the dentist. I get major anxiety every time.
4-fall asleep without Kent tickling my back. I'm soooo spoiled. every night now for over four years.
5-not poke kent when he's sore. I love to see him squirm.
6-drink carbonated water (really, it makes me gag- including the airborne tablets in water- but I'm fine with pop)
7- listen to voice mails. DON'T leave me a voice mail- I WILL NOT get back to you.

Seven things I love about Ralph (that attract me to him) in no particular order.
1- his laugh.
2- his smell (is that weird?).
3- his intelligence.
4- his kindness.
5- his spontaneity.
6- his teasing.
7- his eyes.

Seven things I say often
1- that's ridiculous!
2- deeelicious!
3- so inappropriate!
4- look at me in the eyes, zeb.
5- I don't understand whining- use your words, zeb.
6- are you joking?!
7- any superlative. I have a problem with them. I always use them.

Seven people I admire
1-kent - he loves me so much.
2-mom- she's the most talented and wonderful woman I know.
3-dad- the smartest man in the world.
4-metta- the sweetest person possible.
5-daysa- the stinkiest cheese there is.
6-laney- she looks just like me!
7- my seminary students- for getting up so early every day as teenagers!

Seven favorite foods
2-pizza- just about any kind will do.
3-crazy bread (Little Caesar's)
4-peach drink (the calorie free crystal light off brand made by walmart) I drink an ENTIRE pitcher EVERY day.
5-potatoes (any kind but fries or chips)
6-brown sugar (makes EVERY thing better)
7-hot chocolate with lots of cool whip on top


Laney said...

on the things you say often, you forgot to put, "you know what I mean." I think you say that phrase more than anything else.

Kent and Leisy said...

ew, laney. you make me so mad.

Jason & Shannon said...

Hahaha! Jason loves that Walmart brand drink stuff.

Kari Ann said...

this is why I love ya!

the Kprows! said...

Okay....who the heck is Ralph?! I know you like his laugh, smell and intelligence so I am assuming it's Kent, or is there a mysterious Ralph in your life too? And in your defense m&m's are totally addictive so nobody can only eat a few, they are just way too deeelicious!!

Tanner Mills said...

I HATE VOICEMAILS! haha. seriously. why cant people just text me after i dont pick up?