Monday, December 1, 2008

back to real life

This morning was rough. I hadn't had to get up at 5:56 for seven whole days. Ralph went back to school too- so the rugrat was all mine all day :) I also went back to my daily cleaning routine (which isn't all that routine). During the break I was complaining to kent about how much I really dislike cleaning- I don't care that the house always gets dirty again- I certainly have NO complaints about Kent's contributions to the housework- and it isn't that I feel like it's all that I do everyday- It's just that I hate to clean. I enjoy a clean house but it isn't something that I have to have. I do it because I know that it needs to be done and that a clean home makes for a happier home. Kent decided to do some research and found this list for me online. It's entitled "How to make housecleaning fun!". It's ridiculous- and the only two steps that I agree with are six and seven. Plus, how does "wearing a smock or apron with pockets" make housecleaning more fun?!!?

1.Don't start your house cleaning until you have some lively, upbeat music playing in the background.

2. Assemble all of your cleaning tools on a cart you can roll from room to room.

3. Add a little fantasy to your house cleaning! Pretend you're cleaning your home in preparation for a visit from your favorite celebrity. Who would want their idol to see a dirty house?

4. Wear a smock or an apron with pockets for brushes and other small tools to give you easy access to them and make your cleaning task easier.

5. Eliminate clutter!

6. Have a reward planned for after you've completed your house cleaning.

7. Have a maid service come in once a month and give you home a deep cleaning.

8. Clean with gusto! Think about all the calories you're burning in the process...

9. Get the whole family involved.

10. When cleaning, make sure you're wearing the most comfortable clothing and shoes possible.

Be alone and enjoy it!

I think we should move to China and hire an Aiee for 1.50 an hour like Kent's cousin Heidi.


Kent and Leisy said...

The day I found those cleaning suggestions Leisy was particularly unhappy about cleaning up. I kept telling her to hurry up with her part of the house because Paris would be arriving any minute! The look she gave me compared with her mother's infamous "laser eyes" and I thought I would never hear of that list again. I guess I was wrong! haha
- Kent

Cynthia and Steve said...

I disagree with the "Be alone and enjoy it." I think it is easier to clean with other people. I definitely like #7. I think I will do that eventually!

Michelle said...

Hahaha!! I am laughing so hard at that list ... not necessarily beCAUSE of the list ... but, because of Kent's odacity to provide the list. "Paris is coming any minute!" OMIHECK!!! That is so SO funny. However ... I might try THAT step ... it just might work for me. :)

Pat and Brent said...

I must admit, if I know ANYONE is coming over, I am a much more efficient cleaner. I'm afraid if I had an Aiee, I'd have to get my house spotless for her before she came. Might as well save some $.

LoRFLoR said...

I like aprons...

M- your favorite said...

Someday Leisy you well have a house cleaner.
As far as Kent goes, all the Miller's have a thing about cleaning. I remember once Kent and I went to the store Just to buy cleaning supplies. We love it! Will I love it. It's a nice stress releaver. :)

Amy and Craig said...

this is really funny! I don't mind housework. I plug myself into my ipod and go to town. I'll trade you babysitting for housework anyday! too bad we aren't across the hall! it does drive me nuts that as soon as I finish a task it needs to be done again. I like to get it all done once a week and have it stay that way for a bit (it never works). The kids are good to wash the windows and do the dusting now though.